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Monday AWZ

More Steinkamps versus Axel.  Rafael broke into Axel's desk looking for a CD of some sort.  Someone else broke in a couple of minutes later.  It was Max, who had the same idea.  They make a good team.  Simone was very grateful that they'd gotten the CD.

Deniz and Florian had a talk.  Deniz said something with the word "schwul," and Florian said something that was probably mildly rude back, and did a pirouette.  Florian boasted about how great he was, and Deniz said that he was also arrogant and in love with himself.  Deniz should know someone self-absorbed when he sees one, considering how he was.  Well, Florian definitely acts like a seventeen-year-old.  It was also disconcerting that he and Deniz were given about equal attention in the beefcake department.  This discussion went on in the locker room, while they were changing.  I felt skeevy as the camera focused on Florian, as the actor (Michael?) is probably not that many years older than seventeen.  As usual, I appreciated Igor's attributes.  Lisabea pointed out somewhere on Nose in a Book that Igor is in his late twenties, so it wasn't so bad to notice how cute he is.

Stuff with Ben and Isabelle.  I think Tom realized that it was no accident that Isabelle poured the Cola all over the pictures of Katja.  The jealous Isabelle thing is so old.  She makes up with Ben by seducing him, which doesn't actually solve anything.  I expect that will all drag on for months at least.  I'm still glad that Tom is back.

Flo mocked Frank for lifting small weights, so Frank tried to pick up a much heavier weight, and dropped it on Flo's foot.  Flo couldn't play in the hockey game.  Frank tried to apologize, and Flo hit her.  I was totally shocked that he'd do something like that.  Sure, Deniz got in fights at that age, but still.  I had to think about it for a few minutes to realize that Flo thinks that Frank is a guy.  She doesn't make a very convincing drag king, though she gets this adorable baby butch vibe going.  If she was ten or twenty years older, I'd totally think she was hot.

Next scene with them, they were in an all-out fight.  Ingo came in and broke it up.  It's a little sad when Ingo is the most mature person in the room.  (Yes, I thought of Wild Bill realizing something similar.)  Of course, if soap opera characters acted mature and reasonable, where would the drama be?  Ingo sometimes manages to act like a grownup, and he's actually something like cool when he does.

The episode ended with Simone having a nightmare about Jenny, and going down to the kitchen to splash her face with water.  Rafael found her there, wiped some of the water off her face with a napkin, and kissed her.  I'm still not too clear on whether he murdered his adopted father, but he's a sweet guy.  He's been very nice towards Lena, considering, and he's been a rock of support to Simone.  I'm somewhat interested in the Steinkamp and von Altenburg goings-on.  The actors are really good, and Max is getting the chance to be more three-dimensional.

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