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Monday mid-October

I picked up another editing job last night, and worked on that then.  I went to bed at two or so, and was up for a while, but eventually drifted off.  I didn't do a whole lot today, but I saw that I'd won books from the Dear Author giveaway.  I got Ginn Hale's Lord of the White Hell books.  They were giving away three copies of the set, so I was one of the lucky winners.  I think there were enough prizes for just about everyone who entered the contest, so that was pretty cool.

I had physical therapy this evening.  I told them about my trek around the yard Saturday, and how much my ankle hurt after that.  K. said that with the foot, it doesn't pay to do things that are too painful.  He said on a scale of one to ten, if the pain goes above a four, stop doing what you're doing, and put the cast on, or use the cane, or whatever for more support.  I said I was using the cane for walking.  I still use the walker some, but inside it's mostly the cane.

I asked K. what a "subluxation" was.  He said that you didn't want to hear the word "sublux."  It's when a joint dislocates, then pops back into place.  I told Mom.  I don't think she found that reassuring.  She had Dad take tomorrow morning off so he could take her to the orthopedist, in case she can't or doesn't want to drive after he does whatever he'll do to fix it.  I'll probably hear all about it by the time I wake up tomorrow.

I'm getting new exercises to do, to stretch the side of my ankle that is still very stiff.  Oddly enough, it's the side opposite to the break.  It's probably where the ankle dislocated.  The exercises were fairly painful.  I'm getting flexibility back in the other directions the joint goes, K. said.  The one exercise involved coming up onto a step, then letting the heel of my foot hang down.  There were chocolate-covered pretzels and cookies right in front of me on the counter, and the physical therapists offered them.  I had a couple.  It distracted me from the ache of that exercise.  Everything really is better with chocolate.

Dad came to the physical therapy office, and Mom headed home.  Dad and I went to Wendy's for dinner, then headed off to another appointment.  We were somewhat late to that, but it was okay.  It's not like I did a whole lot today, but I'm tired.

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