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Saturday so far

I woke unnaturally early -- I think before nine a.m.  I suppose it was because I'd gone to bed so early.  I have soap opera posts to do, and of course editing to work on.  This one's a good story, and I've been over it pretty well once.

Jordan is giving away an e-book: "[T]his weekend I will be a featured author at Rainbow eBooks. Among the Living will be free 10/16-10/17, and my other stories there will be 20% off."  I told various people, including students and alums from [local university], and put a note of it in the comment thread of the m/m romance forum on AfterElton.

Continuing: I got a shower.  As always, it felt so good to have clean hair.  I want to get my hair dyed red again -- I like it red.  That may have to wait until I can drive again, though.

Mom and I went on a big grocery shopping trip.  It had been well over a week since Mom had had the chance to get more groceries than just picking up milk here and bread there.  We got all kinds of things, fruit, cereal, yogurt, so many other things that we were out of or nearly out of.  I got Suave Vitamin E lotion.  When we got home, I massaged it into my scar.  It's nice stuff, with a pleasant fragrance.

I'd been talking about trying to get outside on days we had good weather.  Mom told Dad to put a chair outside the back door.  He put out a chair that goes with a card table.  It doesn't have arms, and I wouldn't have been able to get out of it if I couldn't use both legs now.  I used the walker to get down the step onto the concrete slab at the back door.  I took the cane with me, and took quite a long walk, considering.  I looked at all the plants in pots around the back door and that side of the house, then went around to the side and front yard to look at the roses.  Just the mystery pink rose is blooming.  It had at least one bloom pretty much all summer, I think, and some flushes of bloom.  I should have gotten a picture when the mistflower and goldenrod were blooming in the thicket of the 'Mme. Zoetmans' rose bush.  That mistflower is blue, so it was a lovely contrast.  Both are wildflowers native to North America.

I went around to the far end of the back yard.  Dad had mentioned that he'd gotten a quince from the quince tree.  There were a couple more on the ground, and several still on the tree.  The winterberry closer to the winter honeysuckle had berries here and there.  It looked like the butterfly bush had made quite the comeback, because that was draped over the male winterberry.  It also looked like the butterfly bush had bloomed very heavily.  The butterflies and skippers must have enjoyed it very much.  The leaves of the American cranberrybush viburnum were changing color, to a bronze-red.  I didn't notice berries on that, but the birds might have gotten them.

I came back through the shady area by the blue shed.  Where I had all the ferns was mostly wild raspberry now.  There were still a couple of ferns to be seen, and the sweet rush.  The sweet rush doesn't seem to ever get any bigger, but it stays green, even through the winter.  The hosta didn't seem to have grown any, and I only saw a couple of stems with leaves indicating where some of the bleeding heart is.  That may well have died back during the summer, for those two months or so when we didn't have any rain.  It will come back early next spring.  I went along down where the lilacs are, and sat back down in the little chair.

After I rested for a bit, I started collecting leaves from the scented geraniums and other fragrant-leaved plants by the back door.  I took a leaf from the apple geranium, and one from the patchouli.  I got a little branch from the lemon verbena, and stems from the spearmint, the lemon balm, and the lemon and cinnamon(?) geraniums.  I put them in my walker bag and brought them in to put in a vase or float in a bowl, depending how long the stems were.  That way I can enjoy the fragrances a little longer.

I called J.S. -- I still had his number from last year.  I'm not even sure why he gave it to me, but he was the grad assistant for the GLBT organization at [local university].  I must have been trying to coordinate something with him sometime in the last two years.  I could well just have been trying to coordinate getting there at a time when the office was open.  He was there a lot.  Anyway, he's into gardening, and I left a message asking him if he'd want geraniums, begonias, or tender herbs to overwinter.  He and D.S. can drive up and take pots of them.  I've got several pots of zonal geraniums as well as the scented-leaf ones, with red, pink, and marbled flowers, depending on the geranium, and a double-flowered pink impatiens.  The flowers of that look very much like the flowers of a rose.

We'll see if J.S. gets back to me.  Perhaps he will. 
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