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my general reading trends lately

     I have a number of traditional (m/f) romances I got from the library and need to read.  Instead, I've been reading m/m romance and menage a trois stories (m/m/f, mostly).  Some of the menage stories are things I've been editing or proofreading, some are just because I thought they sounded interesting.  I have my doubts whether threeway relationships would work out for most people in real life, but for some reason, I'm getting into reading stories about them.  I wish I could say that more of them really worked for me.  I've posted before that I have problems with the scenario in which an established male couple suddenly decides to focus all their attention on a woman.  I can see why that's a fantasy, but it bothers me.  I think there should be more than a nod or a quick line about the guys' past with each other.  The men's relationship should be an integral part of the story if the author is going to write stories of that kind, in my opinion.

     I'm kind of getting used to stories in which a couple of straight men have a threeway with a woman.  At least the men are enjoying being with the woman, but it still seems a little sad to me that the guys aren't enjoying being with each other, as well.  In those it makes more sense that both the men focus on the woman.  But those stories trouble me less than the ones in which a previously gay couple essentially go heterosexual for a woman.  The stories in which a woman has a menage with twin brothers really does kind of squick me out -- too incestuous.  Again, I can see why that's a fantasy some women have, but it's definitely not one of mine.

     It seems that in many of the stories, the people involved commit to the relationship being permanent.  I think it's more likely that a couple would have a fling with a third person, then return to just being with each other, or add a third every so often.  I don't know if it's kind of weird that I can suspend disbelief for stories with intergalactic space travel or vampires or werewolves, but want the details of the characters' relationship to ring true.  But if the relationship aspects don't ring true for me, it has a real effect on my enjoyment of the story.
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