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Friday real life

My phone was plugged in over in the family room, but I heard it ring from the living room right around noon.  (I was up very late editing, so I'd gotten about eight hours sleep by that time.)  I figured it was Mom's wake-up call.  I took my bath, dressed, and even had time for brunch and a mug of Starlight Rose tea.  When I checked, the call was indeed from Mom.  The paratransit driver came on time, and I was able to start physical therapy right away when I got there.  I've been faithfully doing the exercises at home, so I am improving from where I started out, and feeling more comfortable about putting some weight on my foot.

I told the physical therapist, K., that the exercise that involves putting all my weight on my right foot and holding it for a ten-count ten times had really hurt last time, and hurt even the next day.  He told me I didn't have to balance only on that foot, that I could put some of my weight on my other foot or my arms as needed.  I managed about five repetitions putting just about all of my weight on my right foot, then put maybe a quarter of my weight on my other foot and my arms for the rest of the reps.

I bicycle for five minutes at a time now, on the recumbent bicycle.  That's not too bad, though it stretches a lot of muscles I haven't used perhaps in years, in some cases.

There's a Frenchwoman who does her physical therapy right around the time I do mine.  I told her that I grow antique roses, and most of them had French names.  I said I'd bring a book in which had the pictures of the roses and their names.  One I had, I said, was 'Cardinal de Richelieu'.  "You'd expect it to be red, but it's a purple rose."  She knew who Cardinal de Richelieu was.  I doubt very many American-born people would have known the name, unless they took European history in school, or read a lot of it on their own time.

The paratransit bus that picked me up came quite promptly as well.  The driver said that the driver who would have picked me up was in some town rather a distance across the county, so the driver who came for me figured he'd pick me up, and then swing around for his other riders.  That was very nice of him.  So I successfully got to and from physical therapy without problems.

I took the walking cast off after dinner.  I was supposed to spend about five hours with it off today.  My right foot was fairly swollen, so it was difficult to get the right shoe on.  I lasted for an hour or two with those shoes, then switched to slipper socks.  I went until midnight walking just with the cane from the living room to the kitchen and back, and using the walker to travel through the family room to the bathroom, but all with the cast off for that time.  I had some twinges and aches, but nothing too bad.

I caught up on today's soap operas, and worked on editing for several hours.  I think the soap opera posts will have to wait for tomorrow -- well, later today -- because I'm exhausted.

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