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varied Thursday

Well, I'd talked to S.M. from garden club, and she thought she was going to a meeting of another group of hers -- I think she said Seniors' Group?  She called at 12:30 p.m. to say she hadn't gone to the meeting at all, and asked if I'd like to come to lunch.  I'd just woken up.  I'd been up very late editing and journaling.  I told her I'd call her after my bath.  We had talked about going out to a Chinese restaurant in [local shopping area], one that has a nice buffet.  She asked me if I'd like to just have lunch at her house.  I thought that was a fine idea.

I was trying hard not to be miserable and cross, and I think I succeeded relatively well.  I felt a little better once I'd gotten lunch.  S. had fixed a very nice one, a lovely salad, little sandwiches, and cream of chicken soup.  It was a good day for soup.  She had me read an issue of Horticulture magazine while she washed up.  I read an article about growing bulbs by Wayne Winterrowd, a well-known gardener.  I noted the web address for North Hill Garden (, the garden Wayne Winterrowd and Joe Eck developed at their home in Vermont.  Then we went down to look at the computer, and we looked that up first.  The home page had an obituary for Wayne, who'd just passed away in mid-September.

I knew I had a book of his, and had read one or two others.  I recognized right away that the one I owned was Roses: A Celebration.  He'd edited that, essays from famous gardeners about their favorite rose.  I'll look for the others at the county library, which has a pretty good collection of gardening books.

I showed S.M. the write-up LB had done of my trip to New York City.  She enjoyed LB's editorial comments.  Then we were off on her quest to look up how to do November's flower arrangement, which is supposed to be a horizontal arrangement in an urn with a pedestal.  No, I don't know where J.C. and M.P. came up with that idea for an arrangement.  S. said she'd called M.P., since J.C. was away, and gotten an, "It's perfectly simple, S.!" reply.  It sounded exactly like what M.P. would say.

We Googled "flower arranging horizontal design" and got some reasonable results on the first page.  We tried to print them out, but the printer was low on ink.  S. got the new ink cartridge.  Then we spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to open the printer to get to the ink cartridges.  After staring at the manual for a while, we figured out that they were under the glass.  I opened up the new cartridge, figured out how to pull out the used-up one, and realized that the new one was a 56, and the printer took a 36.  I apologized for opening the new one.  Somehow I had just assumed it would be the right one.

Her e-mail seems to have a different set-up now every time I look at it, since the young men at Staples took it upon themselves to work on it so the computer would be faster.  I note that it was very slow indeed today.  I'd originally taught myself Mozilla Thunderbird by figuring out how to do things on that computer, but much of what I learned is now useless, because it doesn't work that way anymore.  Usually I conceal my frustration as best I can, but I apologized today.  "Between my hormones, the rain, and my aunt being sick, I'm just really down today."  I didn't get cranky with S. herself, but she could tell I was cranky about the computer and the printer.

We stopped at a place with an ATM on our way back to my house.  It was still pouring rain, but I really wanted to get a statement.  It turned out I had gotten enough money in to pay my bills -- always a relief.  I felt much better after seeing that.

We got Chinese food for dinner.  I caught up with things on my computer, did some editing, and did the exercises for my ankle.  I'd massaged the cocoa butter cream into my scar before S. came, and I did it again after dinner, before the exercises.  I left the walking cast off for about four hours, though most of my walking with the cane was just little trips from living room to kitchen or bathroom.  I'd hoped to get some of that walking practice in at S.'s, but ended up just leaving the boot on the whole time, though I did use the cane.

I caught up on the soap operas, but I'll probably do the posts about them tomorrow -- well, sixteen or twenty hours from now.  Off to do more editing.

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