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Verbotene Liebe so far this week

Monday continued the bon voyage party.  There was Lydia/Ansgar drama.  I don't even remember what else.  The cliffhanger ending had Andi gettng buried under a rockfall in the cellars of Konigsbrunn.  Tristan was the only one who saw him go down there.  Helena was worried about where Andi was for all of Tuesday's episode.  Olli and Constantin tried to cheer her up.  Tristan found Andi, determined that he was still alive, had a couple of pertinent flashbacks, started to leave, then came back and called for help.

The Sabel-von Lahnstein flatmates rushed to the hospital when they heard about Andi getting squished.  Nico and Rebecca came, too.  Tristan came to the hospital, and Helena accused him of trying to kill Andi himself.  That was unfair, actually.  When Olli and Constantin discussed it later, they didn't think that Tristan would actually murder someone.  Then Olli got really sad, asking Constantin if he knew how long he'd known Andi.  My guess is for ten or twelve years, though they weren't on the show at the same time for each one of those years, just five(?) or so of them.  Olli was just about in tears with his fears for Andi's life.  Constantin put his arm around him, and Olli put his head on Constantin's shoulder.  I love how Constantin is with Olli and Christian.  They have this sweet, comfortable friendship with him.

As many people have noted, Constantin and Andi are very close now, though Andi did Constantin really wrong in the past, screwing him over with a girlfriend, or possibly having sex with Constantin's then-girlfriend and/or breaking them up.  Or was it vice versa?  Well, they seem to have totally gotten past whatever it was.

Constantin got a little comfort of his own from Nathalie, which turned into kissing, and then started to become undressing, before some cock-blocking wailing came from the baby monitor.  We'll see where that all goes, or doesn't go.  I was fast-forwarding through earlier Matthias and Nathalie stuff, because I was so bored.  They're nice characters, just dull together.  I really like Constantin, and the actor (Milan?) who plays him is quite good.

Some aspects of the hospital scenes were very good.  Rebecca was hanging all over Helena rather than the guys.  Since Helena is living in the flat, the writers have no choice but to have Rebecca interact with her own sister instead of just coming to her "best friends," the guys.  There's so much more rationale for having Rebecca interact with people she's related to than for having her be friends with Christian and Olli, after everything she's done to them.  The actress who plays Nico sparkled being around other actors who can actually act, like Jo and Milan.  It just made her interactions with Prince Boring suffer that much more in comparison.  I realized that not only is Nico somehow loosely related to Helena (I think?), but Nico and Andi had a serious relationship at one time.  I think Nico was more serious with him than she was with Christian.

At the end of Wednesday's episode, Andi was coming to.  I think Lydia confessed to accidentally killing her stalker.  The reporters were talking about Ansgar getting twenty years in jail, and Lydia said he wasn't guilty, that it was her.  Sebastian looked surprised, perhaps even a little shocked.  I'm sure he'll get that much more shocked as the whole story comes out.  Except for Ansgar, I think everyone is going to be upset with Lydia.  Covering up a death that she caused because she wanted to hide an adulterous affair with one of the more evil of the von Lahnsteins is not going to endear her to most of her relatives.  I'd guess Nathalie will be pretty mad, too.  Matthias will be disappointed at the least.  That's definitely not how he raised his daughter to act.

They've got a couple of fairly good storylines going now.  They've got some bad and boring ones, too, but over half of the storylines and over half of the characters are keeping my interest.

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