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AWZ the last few days

Much skating drama, and drama over Jenny's disappearance.

Axel is trying to exploit Jenny's death for all it's worth, and being utterly callous about it.  True, Jenny was callous with him, but Axel is truly being cruel and evil.  I thought he had some withered sense of compassion, deeply buried though it might be.  I thought that he had a genuine affection for Jenny for a while there, too, though she spurned it.

Simone saw that Axel had done a press conference about his "dead wife," and that people were setting up a memorial with flowers and candles and even a random stuffed animal or two.  She started to sweep away the memorial with her arms, throwing out roses, pushing aside candles.  The press was all over her.  Deniz said he'd get Richard.  Roman knelt by Simone, and tried talking to her for a bit.  He then stood between her and the photographers, and told them to stop taking pictures.  I don't know exactly what he said, but I imagined there being something like, "Have you no decency?" in there.  He definitely said, "The show is over.  Stop it."  He was emotional himself.  Richard came out and drove the photographers off, and took Simone away from the press.

Ben seems to have adopted his cousin Franziska, a.k.a. Frank, much to Isabelle's disgust.  Isabelle caught Frank binding her breasts, and was totally squicked at the thought of living with a, well, drag king.  Whatever the German word is for that.  She laughed and mocked about it to Ben and Tom.  Ben and Tom both thought it was cool that Frank was dressing as a boy.  Isabelle couldn't believe it.  She said mean things to Frank, and upset her.

Axel came out with a picture of Jenny three times the size of the original one he'd used, but again draped in black bunting.  He was busy putting up a large and tacky wreath when Simone saw him through her car windshield, and accelerated right at him.  That was the end of Monday's episode, Axel's face as he realized that Simone was doing her best to run him over.

Richard saw what was going on, and yelled, "Simone, nein!" or some such.  He leaped and pushed Axel out of the way of the car.  I never expected Richard to save Axel's life.  I guess Richard really doesn't want anyone killed, even an enemy.  He gets involved in Simone's schemes, but deep down, he has a relatively kind heart.  Well, at least from what I've seen of him.  Simone jumped out of the car and ran over to Richard, calling his name and asking if he was okay.  Axel came to first and started to yell at Simone, but Annette and Lena, who'd been passing by, blocked him, and joined in with Simone's concern.  Axel walked away fuming, kicking a can.

Richard came to, and the Steinkamps/von Altenburgs got him up to his office.  He said something about how he thought Simone had learned her lesson after she tried to run Nadja over.  I laughed.  I love how the characters on the show remember things from the past.  Richard recovered relatively fast, quick enough to ask Axel later in the episode not to do something.  It seemed like Axel smugly would do just what he was asked not to do.  Axel is making himself so unsympathetic.

There was some hockey training, then Deniz got a call from Katja to come help her.  She was in the Bergmann flatshare with Roman, and wanted modeling tips.  Who better to get them from than Deniz?  Deniz and Roman worked with her, then talked about likely interview questions.  The interviewer came, and asked about Jenny.  Katja managed to give relatively civil answers.  I think Roman said something, too.  He's still really grieving for Jenny, though they hadn't been friends for quite some time.  I guess it's just that they'd known each other for so much of their lives, and had been best friends for a good long while.

Isabelle saw the fax of the interview come in, and tried to pull a really dirty trick on Katja.  She called and told the magazine how much Katja hated Jenny, and how they'd fought over all kinds of things.  Claudia saw the fax of the "revised" article, and tried to call Katja about it.  Katja didn't listen, but I think Claudia somehow managed to have the magazine go with the original article, because Isabelle was furious when she saw it.  Katja saw how mad Isabelle was, and realized it was Isabelle who'd tried to smear her.  The hatred between them continues to grow.  Isabelle is not doing herself any good with Ben by being mean to his friends and family.  He's hurt and angry when she does that.  Well, we knew that fancy wedding was doomed, but it's falling apart pretty fast.

Frank went and got drunk with the hockey team.  I think Deniz was the only one who didn't get drunk, because he was with Katja and Roman.  Ben dragged Frank home, and Ingo tossed a bucket of cold water on Florian, who was passed out.  Frank tossed her cookies on Isabelle's shoes.  The next morning, Ingo made the hungover hockey team do pushups on the ice while he yell at them about the dangers of drinking to that much excess.  Somewhere in there, I think Ingo said, "Coma."  Frank apologized to Isabelle, and showed her that she'd cleaned her shoes.  Isabelle tossed the shoes in the trash.  Visibly hating Frank isn't going to help Isabelle's cause, as I said generally above.

Vanessa is back.  I squeed.  Her name was even back up in the regular credits.  She consoled Simone and Richard, and dispensed various words of wisdom.  I can't wait until she meets Frank.  I think Vanessa would be a great role model for Frank.  On the other hand, it will probably upset Isabelle that much more that Ben's ex-girlfriend (and sister) is back in town.  They didn't really follow up in the wedding episode about what Axel said about the incest, but there might be more discussion of it now.  Isabelle has heard about it, and basically all the characters who were in town at the time know about it.  It wasn't a secret to the older Bergmann sisters or to Roman or to the Ozturks.  It's just one more thing that won't help that marriage.

Well, the show's been kind of good.  It's been pretty dramatic lately, and the guys are involved in a couple of storylines.  Richard, Simone, Max, Vanessa, and even Ben are all being drawn closer together with Jenny's disappearance.  The actors are good, especially the veterans, and doing well with their scenes.
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