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quietish Tuesday

Woke up unusually early -- 10:30 a.m.  Mom went to work after all.  It was kind of a lonely day, though I did a lot to contact "invisible, imaginary Internet friends."  I figured out at least a large part of why I'd been feeling so down (and asked my brother if he'd been feeling physically crappy today).  I took a lot of Advil and Extra-Strength Tylenol today, as that's what I take when I feel physically crappy that way.

On the better side, I practiced walking without the cast on.  The physical therapists had said to keep the cast off for a couple of hours.  I kept it off for three, but I was mainly sedentary during that time.  I made a few circles around the living room and the dining room with the walker, and it seems like I can take most of my weight on that leg without much discomfort.  My right knee started to hurt, but I've had arthritis in that for years.  It just wasn't really being used for a couple months there.  Now that it is, I can feel the arthritis again.  I know what it is, so it wasn't worrying me.

I had Jasmine Lovers tea, and that was quite soothing.  I had thought about Dragon Lily, for how pretty it is as well as the taste, but had forgotten that Jasmine Lovers has a lily in it as well as a string of jasmine blossoms.  I like the taste of it, too.

I did some editing.  I have a lot more yet to do.  I should get a couple more hours in tonight.

Lisabea posted about the Dear Author book giveaway contest in celebration of National Coming Out day:  I made my comment yesterday.  Today I put in a lot of time ruining my chances to win anything by telling a whole bunch of m/m romance fans about it, including the Yahoo group of that name.  I sent private messages to a number of readers on AfterElton who said they liked m/m romance, and a note to Brent Hartinger, writer and book reviewer on AfterElton (and an editor, too?).  He lives with an editor, anyway.  I'm really trying to think of it more as sharing my love of the romances with others rather than wrecking my own chances.

Erastes said she wished there'd been more publicity about it, because she would have participated.  I came this close to replying, "I haven't read Standish yet, if you want to give books away."  However, I managed to refrain.  I think parts of it are very rough on the protagonists.  (*spoilerish*)  I skimmed over the graphic torture scenes in Transgressions.  I just couldn't take it.  I wrote to Alex when I read False Colors, commenting about how the heroes in were both tortured a lot.  However, their torture wasn't really described in great detail for pages of the story.  It was more narrated in what their physical injuries were afterwards, if I remember right.

I'd read perhaps half of the books in the giveaway contest, with several more in my to-be-read files, including a couple I'd just bought a few days ago.

I'll say thank you here to James and Lisabea for donating books.  That was sweet of you, and will be much appreciated by the lucky winners.

My brother called to vent at length about relationship things and how he felt about assorted issues.  He's mostly loved and adored at least as a friend by women for how he'll discuss and analyze emotions all day.  It's all about how he feels, and then what the people around him feel, then more discussion about how he feels and how he feels about how they feel.  I'm not like that.  I'm more like, "Here's what I think.  What's the fastest/most expedient way we can get things done without breaking any laws?"  I also have a "You do your thing, I'll do mine" attitude much of the time in real life.  As long as they don't interfere with my stuff or hurt people, I'm usually good with people having their own opinions.  I might think their opinions are stupid, but I generally don't pick fights, not with people I don't know pretty well.

I told J. that what he described to me about how he dealt with his girlfriends sounded like he was pretty controlling sometimes.  I said it a few times, and that I wouldn't take that from a boyfriend, but he didn't choose to hear my opinion on him being controlling.  Well, he said he yielded on many issues, and that they discussed how they felt about things.  He may yield on some things, but he sets how he wants a scenario to go on other things, and gets angry if his orders aren't followed -- and sometimes if his unspoken wishes aren't met.  Seriously, I wouldn't take orders that way unless it was some sort of emergency with an emergency personnel type giving them.  However, I have a strong ego, so I'm told.

I agreed with him on some things, and disagreed on others.  I believe he took it as me agreeing more than not, and I think that's accurate enough.  If it helps him to vent to me, I'm happy to be there for him for that.  He knows I don't go into deep analysis of "emotions and stuff," as I've been known to call it, but he analyzes emotions enough for both of us.  I used to feel bad, and guilty, about not being very emotional and all about feelings, but it was mainly my mother who made me feel that way.  Now I just figure it isn't in my nature to be like that, that that's the way J. and Mom and lots of women are like, but it isn't me.

I caught up with the soap operas.  Yesterday, the physical therapist asked me "How's your soap?" and I was confused for a minute because I collect scented soaps.  Then I realized he was asking about the German soap operas.  I was wearing my "We do believe in fairies" T-shirt, and I'd told him that was connected to one of the soaps.  I think I'd told him what was going on so far with the Lydia and Ansgar story as of Friday.

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