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very quiet Sunday

I had hoped to go to OutFest, but it wasn't possible.  Considering that the kids didn't pick me up to take me to the reunion, there's no way they would have taken me to Philadelphia.  Mom had to work 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. today, and Dad went to Valley Forge to clear brush from a park with war memorial plaques.  No, Valley Forge is not that near where we live, and Dad doesn't even clear brush around our own house.  It was a Vietnam Veterans group activity.  I couldn't figure out why he'd drive that far to clear brush for a few hours.

I went to bed very early last night, 1:00 a.m.  I was at the computer for a while after we got home, did some of my ankle exercises, massaged lotion into the scar, and fell asleep.  Mom and Dad were at the early service at church when I first woke, and Mom had left for work when I woke again.  I had breakfast, took a sponge bath, dressed, and had Starlight Rose tea.  Other teas I've had over the last few days have been Shooting Star and Flower Jewel.  I was reading the Amazon reviews of the flowering teas, and they were very mixed, though the great majority were favorable.  One person was mad because he thought he'd ordered a pack of sixty teapots and tea, and had gotten ten, so left a low rating.  That's not a problem with the tea itself.  Some were "tea snob" reviews, and they varied, too.  Some of the tea snobs liked the teas, some didn't.  Most of the reviews from what seemed to be average tea drinkers were positive.  I decided it was truly a matter of individual taste, and that I really liked most of them, and that was what counted.

I did a little bit of e-book shopping, and even read a couple of e-books.  Maybe I'll get back into reading more.  I have a lot still in my to-be-read files.  I read a story by T.A. Chase in an anthology.  I'd read a couple in that Hearts Afire series.  I read Sandalwood and a Potato by Andy Slade and Ali Wilde.  I'd been curious as to what Andy's writing style was like.  I figured that it probably hadn't been edited very much, but the grammar and writing style were quite good.  I think there was one "may" that should have been a "might," but using the present tense instead of the past tense is extremely common with e-book writers.  I don't know why it's something editors don't catch.  I catch it and change it when I see it.

I was kind of down today, and I'm not sure why.  I guess I felt a little isolated after seeing so many people yesterday.  Dad said it was a beautiful day out when I asked him.  I said that maybe I could go sit outside for a while, but we didn't follow through on it.  He went out to work in our yard.  I shopped and read.

I see the orthopedist tomorrow to see if I can put weight on my leg without having the walking cast on.  I'm hoping the fracture is all healed by this time.  It's been a long haul.  I expect I'll graduate to a cane soon, at least.

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