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VL Friday

The recaps are generally shorter when I keep up with everything.  Verbotene Liebe moves at a much more stately pace than Alles was zahlt does, but things have been happening lately.  I fast-forwarded through a lot of the Nico-angst and Prince Boring stuff.  They chased down some teenaged acquaintance of the boy who was stabbed to death.  The various boys have tattoos.  This one had Chinese or Japanese lettering on his arm, so he wasn't the same as the other boy.  I suppose it's a gang thing, although I have no idea why gangs would be playing soccer with each other.  Apparently Nico and Prince Boring pretty much adopt the juvenile delinquent.  Whatever.

I looked at the vorschau for the next several weeks, and all of what little plotline Christian and Olli get is about how great they'd be as fathers, and their attempts to adopt a child.  They've only been married for a month.  Why can't they just enjoy being married for a while?  Baby plot mostly involves cooing and feeding.  Olli and Christian should be out and about doing interesting things, and having good plot.

The Ansgar/Lydia plot seems like it's going to stay an "Ansgar in jail" thing for a while now.  The actor who plays Ansgar is rocking, but he only has this boring little setting, and he's mostly talking to Sebastian, who doesn't have chemistry with anybody, and another lawyer(?), who doesn't have any sparkle.  As fine as Wulfgram(?)'s acting is, he's basically acting with cardboard cut-outs.  Ansgar did tell the other lawyer that the woman he was protecting was Lydia, but that no-one could know that.  I don't know if she's some regular von Lahnstein retainer for when the family gets in legal trouble, or what.

Tanja was mercilessly teasing Lydia and Tristan at the breakfast table.  She so loves having power over people.  Rebecca told her to stop with the nastiness, and Tanja said, "Careful, kleiner."  Tristan is still upset about Helena going away for a year, and was about to burn her passport.  Tanja said that that was ineffective, that she could get another one in twenty-four hours.  I doubt Tanja is going to do anything to help Tristan, but she might if she thinks it would be funny for her.

At the end of the show, Ansgar heard that his "frau" had come to visit, and he reacted angrily at the thought that Tanja had come to taunt him.  However, the frau who came to see him turned out to be Lydia.  I guess the guards will start thinking she's Ansgar's frau, but it might lead to some narrow escapes when Sebastian comes to talk to Ansgar.

Also at the end of the show, Helena was complaining that none of her family had wished her goodbye.  Andi asked if she had packed her bikini, and Helena went to check.  Andi let in family, friends, and flatmates for a surprise going-away party.  Olli was conspicuously absent all week, both from the flat when Andi and Helena were there, and in No Limits when other characters were having plot there.  He showed for a minute or so at the bon voyage party.  I guess they couldn't ignore him for that, when his own roommates were leaving for a year.

Olli asked Sebastian where Lydia was.  Sebastian thought she was coming with Ludwig, and vice versa, and she wasn't answering her cell phone.  Of course she wouldn't be, if she was talking to someone who was in jail.  Rebecca was basically hanging off Olli for no apparent reason.  I guess it was to try to steal his sparkle.  He still sparkled, despite the cardboard cut-outs of Sebastian and Rebecca around him, but he couldn't give them sparkle.

So Helena's father, Elisabeth, Constantin, Andi, Olli, and all the siblings Helena is talking to were there.  The doorbell rang, and Helena went to get it.  It was Tristan.  Helena didn't look happy to see him at all.  I think he sort of realized they were having a party, and he hadn't been invited.  I'm sure Andi and the von Lahnsteins who were already there will tell him that he wasn't invited, and to go away.  That will likely be the start of Monday's episode.

Jo was the host for "Clippings," which seem to be the teasers for the next week's episodes.  He looked a lot more comfortable doing it than Thore did, but I think Thore did the first one.  Jo happily teased viewers with the little clips and his descriptions of what would happen in the next week.  At least the powers-that-be there haven't entirely forgotten that he's a regular cast member.  Do they not realize they could use his charm and charisma on the show itself?  Well, maybe after baby-adoption plot (*gags*), Olli and Christian will get real plot.  I live in hope.

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