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Thursday -- Chanticleer

Thursday day -- off on a garden club day trip to Chanticleer (  Pretty for mid-fall, not too accessible.  Some places had a couple of steps, some had flights of steps, much of the path was steep.  We saw the gardens and the first floor of the house.  B.H.'s husband pushed me about half the way in the transport chair, but then they had to leave.  G.C. pushed me about another fourth of the way -- poor G., that part was uphill.  I ended up getting a ride in a garden cart truck the rest of the way.  The rest of the way was pretty much uphill, too.  Some of the other ladies said they'd push, but several have back or hip problems, and most are elderly.  G.C. had brought along a Sister on the trip, and Sister C. was trying to help push me.  She has her own knee problems, apparently, and is seventy-seven, so G. and I were telling her not to.  She's the gardener at the semi-local convent.  (Is it called a convent if they go out into the secular world?  They're certainly not cloistered...)  I'm surprised S.M. didn't say more to me about how steep and hilly it was, and how they had stairs.  S.M. just said they'd put out ramps for me, that it was all set.

I'd heard of Chanticleer as being one of the pretty gardens in the Delaware Valley, but I'd never been there.  I had no idea how to get there, but it's not too terribly far off the Main Line, in Delaware County.  It was about a forty-five minute drive to there from where the garden club meets.

There were banana plants there in big pots, asters, there'd been fields of sunflowers -- a maze? -- hardy begonias, double colchicums, helianthus, toadlily, and much more.
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