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soap operas on Thursday

VL: Ansgar in jail, Tristan obsessing over Helena, Helena and Andi pretty happy, much more with Nico angsting and Prince Boring being a hanger-on.

Ansgar was taken to jail when the police found some sort of hole in his stalker-as-blackmailer story.  Lydia babbled some sort of collection of feeble lies to Ludwig about knowing nothing about any of it.  Ludwig said something along the lines of: "You were having an affair with Ansgar, and now your psycho stalker is dead?  Might there be a connection there?"

Lydia was like, "Connection?  Nope, nothing.  Nothing at all.  Purely a coincidence that the guy blackmailing Ansgar happened to be my stalker."

Ludwig said, "I don't believe you."

"Really, I don't know anything," Lydia protested.  Ludwig got an "I'll pursue this later" look, and called it a day on that for then.

Jessica came back from re-dressing in servant's clothes to find Tanja lying on the bed, spinning the Helena wig on her finger.  She told Tanja that she wasn't stupid, that she was getting paid for it.  She might have said something about how Tristan loved Helena now, but maybe he'd come to love her.  Tanja told her again that it was really sick.  You just knew that Tanja was still laughing on the inside.

Tristan went to see Helena.  Helena and Andi were cooking together.  Affectionately, as they do most things nowadays.  Tristan said something about how he was getting much better, and that once she was back, everything would be back to normal.  I don't know.  Helena was really unimpressed, and said that he'd learned nothing, that the therapy hadn't done any good.  Then she slammed the door in his face.  Well, she certainly got it right that he hadn't gotten better.

Jessica got into the Helena-Kostum (lol) again, and seduced Tristan for the second time that day.  After seeing the real Helena, he wasn't as thrilled with the ersatz Helena -- and who would be? -- but eventually seemed to get into it.  Tanja just has that much more blackmail material on Tristan, and now on Jessica, so Tanja is happy.  Ansgar is in jail, which Tanja is likely also rather happy about.

Sebastian came to see Ansgar in jail.  Ansgar told Sebastian some lame story, still something about how it was about a woman.  That much is true.  I think Ansgar refused to tell Sebastian the name of the "prostitute" he'd gotten into a sex scandal situation with.  Sebastian can't really do anything if Ansgar won't give him anything to work with.

There was an Ansgar-in-his-jail-cell montage, then a scene of him writing a letter to Lydia.  From Lydia's reaction when she read it, it was a reassuring, loving letter, telling her it was all worth it to protect her.  I think Lydia really is kind of in love with Ansgar at this point.  Ansgar is being his version of chivalrous.  If he didn't have deep feelings for Lydia, he would have totally thrown her to the wolves without a shred of conscience, but she's apparently very special to him, and precious.  I guess it is romantic to Lydia that someone she thought of as a monster is protecting and caring for her.  It's kind of a Beauty taming the Beast story, so it's a very old romance archetype. 

AWZ: Hockey training and conditioning, during which Frank says she's allergic to water -- no, seriously.  She refused to go swimming with the boys, but joined them for beach volleyball.  Two words: shirtless Deniz.

Isabelle got bawled out by various people for pushing Katja into the pool.  The skating magazine reporter didn't even want to talk to her after he saw her do that.  I don't know how old she's supposed to be, but she looks like she's in her late twenties, too old to act like that.  She went back to the hotel room and cried.  Ben found her in tears, and though he had come into the room mad, his anger melted as soon as he saw she was crying.  Whatever.

Roman was a bit pissed off by the immaturity of his skaters.  He's much less of a diva than he used to be, especially at work.  He wasn't ever really one for playing dirty tricks on the other skaters, though.  That was all Jenny.  Katja has the excuse of being relatively young -- supposed to be in her early twenties, perhaps?

Axel held a huge press conference in which he held up a big picture of Jenny, the picture draped in black bunting.  He was sobbing his fake sobs, pretending to be overcome by her death.  The Bergmanns & Ingo, Wilds & Deniz, and Ben and Isabelle all saw the press conference on TV.  Richard and Simone came out for the end of it, and Richard put his arm around Simone.  You could see them in the background of Axel's media circus.  Roman looked kind of sad, Ben quite upset, the others just a little stunned.

We'll see where the hockey plot goes.  I'm just waiting for Florian to realize that he has the hots for Frank.  That's the story I want to see.

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