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Ingo and Annette are apparently having financial problems again, caused by them flooding the apartment by leaving the bathwater on.  Annette said they'd paid all their bills, and Ingo remembered that he'd shoved some into a drawer to hide them from Annette.  I'm not sure where they're going with all this, but I'm finding it kind of "meh."

Things were a little livelier on the Isabelle and Katja rivalry front, as Isabelle boasted about getting no sleep at all.  I think only Ben and Tom know that she skated for their ice-skater computer game animation, and probably only Ben knows the other reason Isabelle got no sleep -- well, I'm sure Isabelle told Katja.  However, the extra skating and no sleep caught up with Isabelle, and she fell a couple of times.  Roman and Claudia both criticized her, while praising how well Katja was skating.  Isabelle deliberately ran into Katja and knocked her down.  Roman saw it, and sent Isabelle off to do conditioning training.  He recognizes the ploys of a jealous bitch when he sees them.  Considering his years of experience seeing such, he should.

Isabelle got on the "Rowing Machine of Angst."  Tom came in to say that they needed more (?)skater-qualities from Isabelle for the game.  Isabelle didn't take it well.  Tom is now listed in the main credits for the show.  Have I mentioned how much I love Tom?  I'm not so thrilled by the shorter haircut.  I liked the curly, scruffy look.  But I'm very glad he's a regular now.  Isabelle isn't entirely an unsympathetic character, but she's not doing herself any favors by holding grudges and letting them show.

Axel got a call that Jenny was dead, and Claudia eavesdropped, as Claudia does.  She even came back into the room.  Claudia went to the Steinkamp penthouse, to offer Richard her condolences, except that Simone was there.  I was quite glad that Claudia had been blocked from her attempts to "comfort" Richard.  Axel seemed a little hurt by Jenny's death at first, but then started planning how he could take the most advantage of it.  Jenny seemed very unhappy and stuck in her own twistedness these past several months.  I was wishing she'd manage to free herself of some of that twisted behavior and drives, as it might make her happier.  I don't know if they'll recast Jenny.  If the third version of Jenny came back less pathologically rigid, it could be good.

Axel went to the villa to offer Simone his condolences.  Apparently Simone had told Frau Scholtz, because she was crying.  Whatever Axel said, Simone slapped him, and told him to get out of the house.  Rafael/Antonio was there to back Simone up on kicking Axel out of the house, but Axel said he knew the way.  I'm ready for Axel to be brought down a few notches again, and it's only briefly that he's been back in a position of power.  I guess there's only so much gloating Axel I can take.  Also, the actors who play Simone and Richard have been rocking their scenes together.  They've got such great chemistry, and they're such good, experienced actors.  I don't know if they get enough credit for their acting.

I can't wait for the Florian/Frank plot to really get going.  Hockey training -- and locker room interaction -- should become very interesting in the next few weeks.  I'm wondering if Roman will recognize that Frank is a young woman.  It would be really entertaining if Roman knew well before Florian did.  It's just not the sort of thing Roman would be oblivious to.  I'm just waiting to see how it all plays out.

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