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Verbotene Liebe on Wednesday

Exciting times, and Tanja was much entertained by it all.  She got Ansgar's call from the police station, and came into the foyer of Konigsbrunn carrying bow and arrows, and in complete archery accountrements, to tell the family that Ansgar was being questioned in a death.  I was unnerved to see that Tanja apparently knows how to use a sports bow.  I'm not entirely sure in what ways she's killed the several people she has, but you definitely get the feeling that she could kill any time.  From what I gathered, Ansgar made up a semi-weak story about how the guy ("Typ") had been blackmailing Ansgar because Ansgar was having an affair with a prostitute, and how that guy had accidentally hit his head.  It was a "Notwehr," as Ansgar had originally said to Lydia, and as he worked to convince the police, as well.  I couldn't find "Notwehr" in my German-English dictionary, but I'm assuming it means unfortunate incident.

Tristan is still very upset about hearing that Helena and Andi are off to Cambodia for a year.  He told Ludwig that he was worried for Helena's safety.  Ludwig said that Helena was a grown woman, and asked Tristan if he was jealous.  Quite, it seems.  Now that Ludwig knows about Tristan's obsessive love for his sister, he kind of has Tristan figured out.  I looked at the vorschau, and it mentions Jessica in "Helena-Kostüm" (lol) as of a few weeks in the future.  They had sex today.  Tanja walked in later, and saw Jessica from the back, still wearing the wig.  "Helena?" she said.  Jessica turned, in the camisole and holding her handful of money.  Jessica said something about she could explain it.  Tanja said, "Oh, it's very clear.  That's really sick."  Jessica made a retreat.  Tanja got a little smile on her face.

Jessica might think she's kind of bad and manipulative herself, but she's got nothing on Tanja.  Tanja got so much amusement from the misadventures of her husband and in-laws today.  Really, she should pay the family for all the malicious pleasure (Schadenfreude?) they gave her in one day.  I don't think she's laughed inside so much since she drove Maria batshit crazy.

The police wondered why Ansgar had never heard of that random Typ as having given Sebastian trouble in the past.  "You never talked about it with your cousin?" they asked.  I think they asked whether Ansgar knew that the man had been Lydia's psycho stalker.

"Never seen the guy before," Ansgar told them.  I thought it was interesting that Ansgar didn't mind telling an ugly sex-scandal story involving himself for Lydia's sake, to keep her out of it.  Maybe he figured the von Lahnsteins could take another sex-scandal story.  The other von Lahnsteins were somewhat disgusted by the story, but could believe that it was something Ansgar would get into.  Most didn't seem to be too skeptical, except that Ludwig thinks that Lydia knows more than she's telling.  Then again, Ludwig knows that Lydia's affair was with Ansgar.

When Ansgar came back, the whole family was there to see him come in.  Lydia was towards the front of the group, so no one else could really see how she smiled when she saw Ansgar was home, and free.  A little bit later, Ansgar went up to Sebastian and Lydia's room.  Fortunately, Sebastian wasn't there, because Lydia threw herself into Ansgar's arms when she realized it was him.  Lydia was clearly having strong feelings for Ansgar.  I guess nothing bonds a couple like having one cover up the death the other caused.  Lydia and Ansgar talked, and hugged some more.

Nathalie was having flashbacks to her dream of "vampire Constantin" biting her.  She and Charlie ran into each other on the street, and had a shopping trip.  Nathalie tried to duck when she saw Constantin on the same sidewalk, but Charlie saw him, and called him over.  They talked a bit, and when he left, Charlie said that she thought Constantin liked Nathalie.  As with when Matthias said that, Nathalie insisted that it was nonsense.  Charlie said that she had a feeling for that kind of thing.

At the end of the episode, the police came back.  I have a feeling they found a witness in that old homeless dude who passed by and slowed to watch with great interest when Ansgar banged the stalker against a brick wall, threatened him, told him to leave Lydia alone and leave Dusseldorf, and had a couple of toughs beat him up.  That would shoot some holes in his "never seen the guy before" story.

Certainly, I wanted some fun Christian/Olli plot, as I have for the past couple of weeks, preferably instead of the Nico/Prince Boring interactions and endless conversations.  But the Lydia and Ansgar storyline, and the "vampire Constantin" dream of Nathalie's, has kept me interested, and probably nearly as entertained as Tanja was, by it all. 

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