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From a link from AfterElton:  I guess I think of the Stonewall Inn as a place where historically the was raided by the police, and the patrons harassed, but antigay violence has happened there even now.  Very shocking to me.  If there's anywhere you'd think gay people would be safe, it's in those neighborhoods.  It really feels like we're going backwards, or at least that progress has stopped in several ways.  AfterElton had an "It Gets Worse" article with links to a "Christian" message and a "family" message.  I haven't even been able to watch them yet.  I think that now some of the teen suicide has been directly linked to the teens being gay or perceived as gay, where before the suicides happened without the people around knowing why.  I doubt that the LGBT suicide rate is rising, just that now we know the causes for those particular suicides, and it's being reported on in mainstream news.
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