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catching up on Alles was zahlt

I caught up on a week over a couple of days.  From what I can figure out, Jenny's plane went down somewhere over Russia, and the Steinkamps think Jenny might be dead.  Max has some theory about how she's really alive(?) and how she probably didn't get on the plane at all.  The news is bringing Simone and Richard closer together again.

Since Florian was banned from the hockey team, which needs him, he's now playing as "Kai."  A new player joined, Frank.  I could see right away that she was a young woman, but Florian didn't notice.  She has a strong jawline and tries for a low-pitched voice.  There was a little flashback scene to her cutting her hair short, and we see how she has her breasts bound.  Florian saw how good she was, and got very competitive.  (*spoilers*)  At some point, klein Flo is supposed to start to lust after Frank, and start questioning his sexual orientation.  Should be fun for the viewers, to see the proud-to-be-straight Florian thrown into confusion.  Flo's sort of gotten used to how very gay his brother is, and likes Deniz quite a bit, though he doesn't want to see Deniz and Roman showing physical affection in front of him -- their kiss in front of the whole hockey team made him wince.  So Florian has a couple of role models in Roman and Deniz.  I can't see him really discussing it with them.  It would likely be in the running for one of the most awkward conversations ever if he did, so that would be entertaining.

Katja came back from Halle, and the Bergmann sisters are doing tons of sisterly bonding.  They sparkle together.  Ingo apparently paid the blackmail money the evil building inspector wanted.  I think that Annette and Ingo are out of money now, but Lena and Katja gave Annette some money.

Ben and Isabelle returned from their honeymoon.  Isabelle is still terribly jealous of Katja, and made sure to tell her how great the honeymoon was.  Tom came back!  I heart Tom.  He warned Katja not to hurt Isabelle.  Katja said she was concentrating on her skating.  Katja did graffiti, and Tom and Ben were inspired by the graffiti to make a computer game.  We'll see if that plot is subtitled in English, but it looks like it will be entertaining.

Max's foster brother returned from a short trip to Spain(?).  I kind of like Antonio/Rafael.  He and Max are very close, and Simone likes him, too.  It's kind of cool that Max has a best friend around.

EKP is calling this stretch of Roman and Deniz' relationship "Days of Fluff."  Why shouldn't they be happy for a while?  They don't have their own angsty plot, but I'm quite okay with that.  Roman's eating a lot of marshmallow Fluff, which may be another reason for that title.  They're really well integrated into several plots, so they're very definitely around, as a couple and separately.  I'm very happy that they're so integrated.  The younger generation of characters, with the partial exception of Florian at first, seem quite free from homophobia.  That's also pleasant to see.

So Flo will have good plotline, and Ben and Tom seem to be working together nicely.  Some of the other characters and their plots aren't so interesting to me as the Wilds and Ozturks, and Tom, but overall I enjoy the show.  I understand about two words in ten now, I think, but I believe that I get the gist fairly well. 
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