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Monday real life -- and a bit of web surfing

Mom had the day off as a comp day for working on a Sunday, so she took me to physical therapy.  It was crazy busy.  They said that Mondays between 10 and 12 were very busy, and my appointment was at 11.  The physical therapy assistant put the hot pack on my leg while I was out in the waiting area, and by the time the ten minutes were up, a couple of the therapy tables were free.  I got up on one, a therapist handed me the exercise bands (Thera-bands) and other equipment, and I did everything I could remember, and more as they reminded me, or showed me how I should be doing an exercise.

K. got over after a while to massage my ankle and the scar.  I asked about the pain in the inner side of my ankle, the left side of the joint.  The surgery was on the outer side, the right, or at least, that's where the doctor went in.  K. said it was because I was walking on it now, that I was stretching it where it was stiff, and that's why I had the pain there.  It's always reassuring when he does the massage and doesn't seem to feel anything different about the bone placement from the last time.  I'm still very worried about cracking something or getting it out of joint again.

It was raining and very cold when we came out of the physical therapy.  I had a hoodie and fake leather jacket on, and a scarf, so even though my T-shirt was of very thin material, my top half was warm enough.  I only had shorts on, though, and they weren't that great for a temperature a little over fifty degrees.  I was really chilled when we got home.  I put a blanket on my lap, and had grilled cheese, soup and hot tea for lunch.  The soup and tea helped.  Mom went up to my room and found a couple of pairs of sweatpants.  Fortunately, I have some pairs with wide legs, so I could put a pair on, push up the leg of the sweatpants, and put the walking cast back on.  Having sweatpants to go with the hoodie helped warm me up again, too.

Once I had several layers of comfortable clothes on, I napped for a while.  Mom apparently went upstairs to nap for part of the time I was napping, then went out on a quick grocery-shopping trip, mostly just to get something for dinner.  We had meatloaf and potatoes, with creamed spinach.  I finally finished catching up on Alles Was Zahlt, and did some editing.

We went upstairs so I could take a shower, and Mom found a flannel nightgown for me when I told her where they were in my room.  I was thankful to be warm and clean and well-fed.

Brent Hartinger of AfterElton took on the subject of bisexuality in his "Dear Pigeon Guts" column:  I may have posted the link before, but I didn't have anything to say until last night.  I saw a comment from Max saying that bisexuality wasn't easier.  I'd discussed something with Max before, and Max rocks.  Another guy said that the site should have things for bi men, including the occasional woman in the daily memes.  If he hadn't identified himself as gay, he likely would have had his head torn off by other commenters.

I said his comment was very sweet, and explained how I felt about that proposal of his.  I was tempted to call it a "modest proposal."  As he said, and I agreed, you can go to straight or lesbian sites for news about women.  My immediate reaction to reading his idea there was to disagree, to think that the other sites were already designed for that.  Then I thought about how I like bi men, and it would be nice to read more about them -- or at least about some of the ones who do positive things.  I also explained my attitude about posting comments there.  Some of the other women who comment are polite, and some are very brash and at times seem clueless.  I try to stay on the polite side of things.  The men don't hesitate to contradict the brash and clueless women, but it seems a waste that the women would start those arguments.

I remembered Teddypig's link to the column of Dan Savage's that said if bisexuals were upset about getting prejudice, they should date each other.  We do.  I have.  But AfterElton does call itself a site for gay and bi men.  The editors aren't afraid to tackle the subject of bisexuality.  I was also tempted to comment that Brent wasn't afraid to ruffle some feathers, but decided to refrain from making the bad pun there.

I doubt the lesbian sites would feel any reason to do posts about what men are doing in popular culture, except if they're involved in producing portrayals of woman-loving women.  I don't really think AfterElton needs to change its focus too much, either.  It's kind of a difficult subject.

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