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alumni reunion

Alumni reunion for GLBT organization members from [local university].  Saw C.K., J.A., J. III, M.R., and various other people from around my time there.  Got contact info from people there before my time, to get history stories from them.  Caught up with the current students, and those who graduated last year.  I talked a fair amount with D.S.  I told S. he'd been fired as my secret love child since I hadn't heard from him all summer.  He made a pouting face.  Apparently he had an issue with someone and wasn't answering his phone at all.  God knows.  I told him he'd have to earn back being my secret love child.

I stayed in my wheelchair pretty much the whole time.  It was just easier to get around that way, rather than hobble from seat to seat at the tables.  I asked all around for a ride home.  The current students were going to an after-party at D.S. and J.S.'s house.  I got a ride home with C.K. and his partner.  I'd certainly given C.K. many rides to the city when we were in school.  After he'd agreed to do it, C.K. remembered about the driveway from hell.  I was impressed that it was memorable twenty years later.

I saw S. get a business card from J. III.  I will have to give S. a hard time about that, once I find out what the story is.  I'd missed the students so badly, and it was good to see them again.  I don't think it will take very long for S. to go back to being my secret love child, but don't tell him that.

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