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busy day of web surfing

It seemed like kind of a busy day, though I didn't leave the house.  The tile guys came in the morning to work on the tiles around the tub.  I woke up after they left.  I read various blogs, and took my sponge bath.  I had Jasmine Pearls tea.  I had Starlight Rose the other day.  I really liked Starlight Rose, as I thought I'd remembered from some weeks ago.

Lisabea posted about the It Gets Better project.  I e-mailed her.  The more word gets out about it, the better.  I e-mailed the GLBT organization at [local university] to tell them about the project, if they hadn't already heard.  I asked if anyone wanted to do a video, or knew people who would be helped by watching them.  They still know people from their high schools, so hopefully they'll pass the word on.  I'd love to see videos the kids made.  I think it would be encouraging to see videos from such bright, funny, and promising college students.

I also have kept following some AfterElton columns and articles.  I continue to think that being bisexual has been much easier for me than it would have been if I were gay.  There are some commenters on that article who strongly believe that, and others who point out all the prejudice and struggles bisexuals face.  Sorry, been there with the prejudice.  I still think it's easier being bi.  There were some comments from a bisexual college student that seemed to particularly grate with some other readers.  I replied to things differently than she did, and just tried to keep in mind that she was probably about half my age.

I looked at other articles and columns I'd commented on, like the one with Jackie's question about etiquette on discussing topics of gay interest with gay people:  I realized that the person I'd replied to about bisexuality who had his subject line as something like "Let's get real.  Bisexuality is easier" had also commented that straight and bisexual people could never understand gay people.  I disagree, at least as far as saying that we can certainly reach great levels of empathy. 

The Semi-Official Gay Lit forum still has a semi-active thread after being up for a few weeks.  Jackie asked about fantasy books she'd heard of.  I'd read a couple, and gave my impressions.

"I loved A Companion to Wolves.  It was confusing that there were so many characters, and most of them changed their names through the course of the book.  I finally had to write down who became who to keep track.  I thought of it being really like a Norse saga.  There's a lot of violence and the book really gets into the gritty details of what the characters' lives are like.  The main characters are much like Vikings in some ways, so their lives are quite barbaric.  There's same-sex sex and love, but much of the sex should I describe this...really not romantic.

 The Doctrine of Labyrinths series -- Melusine and the sequels -- has main characters who have been severely traumatized by childhood abuse and ongoing abuse.  It's extremely dark fantasy.  I thought they were very good books, though I was often horrified by what had happened to the protagonists and what was happening to them during the books.  The language is very complex, with characters speaking different dialects and using all kinds of slang.  Felix is only interested in men, but he's also extremely traumatized and frequently insane, so it's not like he's a positive role model.  I recommend the books as entertaining dark fantasy.  Here's more about them:"

I apparently managed major understatement for both.  I later looked at the Amazon reviews of A Companion to Wolves, and in addition to complaining about all the names and name changes, about half the reviewers complained about what they thought of as non-consensual or dubious-consent sex.  (*spoilerish*)  I thought it was quite consensual within the context of that world.  The hero knew that if he stayed in that society, he'd go through rough sex, and he chose several times to stay, despite his fears.  He understood very well what was going to happen, and he was as prepared for it as he could get, with gentle mentors.  It wasn't presented as a positive thing, either, just part of that society.

i also went for major understatement in saying that Felix Harrowgate was not a positive role model.  He's an antihero in almost every way.  It seems like any good he does is completely despite himself.  He pretty much defines "dysfunctional" and "issues" and causes great damage inadvertently and a fair amount of damage on purpose.  He's definitely an interesting character, but so, so dark and damaged.

I did all the physical therapy exercises for my ankle, and massaged cream in over the incision scar.  I'm supposed to do that a couple of times a day.  It should get less painful, and the scar should pull less.  I'm all for that.  We'll see how tomorrow's physical therapy session goes, and how I do with the paratransit.

I finished my line edit of Sarah Black's story, "Big Balls and Trouble."  I printed it out, and went over it the third time, then put in a couple of commas and put it back up on the server.  I loved the story.  She's written some excellent novellas and short stories lately, and I just know of the Changeling ones from the last few months.  There are still some on her Loose Id backlist I haven't read yet.  I have a couple of them in my to-be-read files.

"Meet the Flyers 2010" was on TV tonight.  I was somewhat interested.  I was into hockey for a while, thanks to my brother, who's a big hockey fan.  I got out of watching it after the NHL had a year-long strike.  I really wanted to get my hair washed, so Mom helped me wash it at the kitchen sink, and I listened to the little statements and answers to questions from this year's Flyers in between getting my hair rinsed.  I recognized some of the players in their thirties from when I had watched before the strike.

I'll have major catching up on soap operas to do in the next three days, and Saturday is the reunion for members of the GLBT organization at [local university].  I know some of the alums involved in organizing it, and some of the people going.  I asked the mentor of the group and the students on the executive board for a ride there.  The mentor said she'd see what she could do.  I may get E.M. to take me to the secondhand bookstore, as it's just down the street, then drop me off at the GLBT organization office at the university.  Then the students wouldn't even have to travel to get me.  I'll have to call or e-mail E.M.

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