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Wednesday soap operas - VL

Well, I got caught up on Tuesday and Wednesday of Verbotene Liebe.  Lydia's psycho stalker frightened her and made her cry.  Ansgar saw her, and asked her what was wrong, and why she was crying.  She told him.  It's now the case that if you scare Lydia and make her cry, you get on Ansgar's bad side, and he has quite the bad side.  Ansgar threatened her stalker, and had a couple of toughs beat him up.

The stalker took the pictures of Lydia with Ansgar straight to Sebastian.  Sebastian thought they must have been Photoshopped.  Ansgar thought it was funny that Sebastian believed that about the Photoshopping.  You'd think Sebastian would at least recognize that that really was Lydia's body, even if he's not that familiar with his cousin's.  He wanted to take the pictures to the police, but Lydia tried to dissuade him, apparently thinking that the police would somehow be able to tell that the photos were real.

The stalker caught up with Lydia again, and told her that when Sebastian turned against her, he'd be there, and that he loved her.  Lydia seemed both frightened again and disgusted, as she's appeared during all of this round of encounters with her stalker.  She's told him to leave her alone several times, and said he should go to a clinic for the rest of his life, and that she never wanted to see him in Dusseldorf.  He got the last word, which I thought was something about being with her forever.  My guess is that "forever" is until Ansgar gets his hands on him again.  I'm still putting my money on Ansgar in this one.

There was a bunch with Nico and Phillip.  I am so over the whole Nico/Phillip thing, and would be even if the actor who plays Phillip could act.  Nico's still all sad, he just happens to greet her fresh from the shower, wearing a towel, she resists temptation and runs off...I just took out my earbuds for part of it.  Nico wandered the streets and fields of Dusseldorf, taking pictures.  She was taking photos of a soccer game that turned into a fight.  The fight ended with one of the kids on the ground with a spreading stain of blood on his chest or abdomen.  I suppose someone had a knife?  Nico should have been calling the cops before or during taking pictures.  Let's hope she calls them at the start of the next episode.

Charlie apologized a lot to Elisabeth for the whole Ludwig sixties-flashback fling, saying how sorry she was both at Schneider's and then at Konigsbrunn.  Elisabeth kept a cold expression, but later came to the flat Charlie and Arno share.  Elisabeth and Charlie apologized profusely to each other, and had a whole hugging and making up thing.  At least they're friends again.

Constantin is still wildly in love with Nathalie.  Nathalie is looking at the possibilities of a dream job in Dusseldorf.  Constantin had her answer questions about why she loved Spanish so much.  She gave a passionate answer.  I don't understand Constantin being Nathalie's job coach, but Constantin will clearly do anything for Nathalie.

Mercurymay translated some Chrolli scenes from the last couple of weeks on The Gays of Daytime board.  I appreciated the transcriptions.  I get so much more out of it when I understand what the characters said.  Olli was really worried about Lydia's stalker being back in town, too.  I realized that that meant that Olli and Ansgar were agreeing on something, and it hurt my brain.
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