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Sunday so far

I caught up on some sleep this morning.  I seem to stay with the Chrolli book club for hours, with quick breaks to eat and wash up.  At least last night I remembered a pillow to sit on while I was in the wheelchair, so I had less fear of getting the beginnings of pressure sores.  I just didn't know what show or clip would come next, so I hated to leave the computer even for a few minutes.  Also, it's so nice chatting with the little group.  KC and A. seem to be such kindred spirits.  As I observed a couple of times, we're all big geeks.  No one argued with me about that.

Today I watched EKP's subtitled AWZ clips.  I thought I'd missed a clip with Roman meeting Petra Stiller, and went back to check the episode numbers, but they just didn't put that in.  I enjoyed the quiz show, but understanding the words didn't make it that much more funny than it was to me to start with.  The "Roman as Robert" body language had said it all as far as I was concerned.  I knew Roman knew almost everything there was to know about Annette.  That was no surprise.

I'd already posted at the time the Alles Was Zahlt episode aired about Roman's performance as a macho straight guy.  His words were less macho than I thought they would be.  From the way Annette was looking to Ingo, I thought that Roman was saying more obnoxious things, but he was just doing his best, answering the questions as truthfully as he could while playing Robert.

The affection for Annette was there, because Annette and Roman have a deep platonic love for each other, but Roman couldn't fake a sexual chemistry.  For Roman, it seems that as sexual as he can be (and he can be blazing hot), it's all natural.  It shows what a good actor Dennis G. is, to turn on the kind of chemistry Roman has with his sex partners.  He really doesn't get the credit for his acting ability.  Back in the day, Roman and Annette even possibly got together once, although they both had convenient blackouts in the morning.  It certainly didn't change Roman at all.  His orientation has been, thankfully, very consistent. 

I was glad they had Vanessa clips, especially her hockey match against Florian.  That was great.  Vanessa added a lot of sparkle this time around.  She's so much more mature, but still has the same spirit.  I think they got a lot out of having her back, even briefly.  She still has so many family and friendship ties to people in Essen, it seemed like no trouble to work her back into the complex relationships she'd had, and have more development and resolution with some of them.  She had such great chemistry with the new Ben, too.  That was awesome.  I think they had a lot more chemistry together than Ben and Isabelle.

I wish Nadja had been back for longer.  I adored Nadja from what I saw of her.  It's not too late for Deniz to have his mother-figure back again, or for Ben to have his mother around.  She really was like a mother to Deniz at an important and tumultous time for him.  Nadja helped Deniz as much as she could, when he was so rebellious and hurting emotionally, and having such a difficult time coming out.  She contributed greatly to getting Marian to accept Deniz as he really was.  Deniz was so excited about having a little sister, and mourned Marie's stillbirth.  Sometime I really want to see the Nadja and Marian parts of those episodes.  I wish the Ozturks had had more time with Nadja this time, but she and Richard had so much history together, that had to be covered as much as possible.  She had great maternal chemistry with the new Ben.  Of course, she'd already had her maternal relationship with Deniz very well developed, and her friendship with Roman.

Well, I desperately missed the EKP ladies' work, and was very glad to have what we did this weekend.  I certainly have so much more of an appreciation for what they did, and at the masterful touch with translations.  I hadn't appreciated how skilled the translation was as much as I should have.  It conveys the meaning and the spirit of the words so well.  It will be hard waiting for a week for subtitled clips, but I'm glad it will still be going on in some capacity.

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