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Friday late September

Mom's birthday today.  I'd won a necklace, bracelet and earrings in the district garden club meeting raffle, so that was Mom's present.  I wasn't able to get out to get her a birthday card or a cake.  I gave her a Godiva milk chocolate bar, since I didn't have cake.  I'd gotten chocolate bars a day or two before I broke my ankle, and normally they would have been long gone.  I'm glad I had something to give her.

Today was my fourth day of physical therapy.  The paratransit bus came right at two, so I got there on time.  It was quite busy.  They started strength exercises for my ankle today, in addition to the ones I've been doing for the range of motion.  I had had a lump right above the ankle, on the top of my foot, and was worried I'd done something.  The physical therapist told me that everything was still in the right place, and that it was probably just swelling right there at the time.  Apparently, depending on what I'm doing and how the walking cast is wrapped, different areas around my ankle or foot could swell.  I said I'd been walking quite a lot with the boot on, and he said that was good.

The bus came at ten after four, and the driver said into his radio that I was his 4:10 pick-up, and that he was going to get the four o'clock one.  The 4:00 one was in another semi-local town, at another physical therapy location.  He said something about the driver being late.  I got home a little before five.  As long as I get there on time, that's the important thing.  I can listen to my iPod while I wait for my ride home, and go to my happy place.

AfterElton has been reporting a lot of news lately.  For an entertainment site, they're pretty heavy on serious events.  Brent Hartinger's new column, Dear Pigeon Guts, is about life issues, and he gets some heartbreaking stories.  He's printed several letters from gay teenaged boys who are isolated and/or afraid to come out because of conservative parents.  Some letters are from men in their twenties who are also isolated, have never dated anyone, and are quite depressed in some cases.  The teenagers and young men get replies back from readers who encourage them to keep going, to try to meet people.  Readers say they've been there, too, and the situations can get better.

They had an article today about how in twenty-one U.S. cities, one in five gay or bisexual men is HIV+, and half didn't know it.  It was especially young black gay men who had a high percentage of HIV infections, and a lot of them didn't know they were positive.  The epidemic goes on.  Readers made comments decrying the glorification of barebacking.  Other readers said that safe sex education was still very necessary, and should be stepped up again.  This is a reason why that I think that even in romance -- well, contemporary romance, anyway -- the protagonists should be shown as having safe sex, or a rationale given why they didn't.  If they have unsafe sex, then realize later that they shouldn't have, that sends a message, too.  Not that I think fiction authors need to always be responsible for social education, but I prefer some acknowledgement of the facts and issues of a community, even in a romance.  It doesn't have to be heavy-handed, just part of a character's consciousness of what's going on.

I'll re-cap today's Alles was zahlt episode tonight or tomorrow.  I have a lovely story to line edit.  This one's Sarah's.  Changeling does get some good m/m romance authors.  I've already done the first run-through.  I want to go over it at least twice more before I send it back on Thursday.

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