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I caught up on four days of Alles was zahlt.  Deniz and Florian have seemed to be spear-carriers much of the week, with Roman having a few conversations with people.  He talked to Jenny about the Center getting its licensing, then left in a huff when he saw that Jenny had an intermine(?) (presumably this means "appointment") with Claudia Bergmann.  It's still hard to believe that Roman put on that much of a macho straight guy act for that quiz show.  It was so completely unlike him.  Roman talked with a couple of other people, but much of the week so far has been devoted to von Altenburg/Steinkamp plot, with some Bergmann/Zadek thrown in.

Max and Lena continue to wage their battle over Lena getting to see Alexander.  Max overheard Frau Scholtz leaving a message for Lena about taking Alexander out for a picnic, so she could meet up with them.  Max wanted Frau Scholtz fired, but I'm pretty sure Simone refused.  Max did yell at her, though.  Simone told Max that she didn't want Alexander to grow up without a mother, like Max had.  Simone even took Alexander to the Bergmann/Zadek flat so Lena could play with him.  Max is way outnumbered at the villa as far as everyone else wanting Lena to have time with Alexander.

Max's foster brother/friend Antonio a.k.a. Rafael came to Essen, and is now living in the villa.  I'm totally confused.  I think that either Max or Antonio killed their adopted father.  Lena thinks so, and is trying to use it against Max in their custody battle thing.  Max and Antonio/Rafael break into Spanish every so often, but even speaking amongst themselves, they speak more German.  You'd think they would speak all Spanish, with German subtitles, but apparently not.  Considering how badly it confused my brain to hear Constantin speaking Spanish with German subtitles on Verbotene Liebe, maybe it's just as well that AWZ isn't using subtitles.

The inspector guy who found some fifteen-centimeter construction discrepancy at the fry stand has apparently said he'll accept bribes and/or sex with Annette to forget about that fifteen centimeters.  I assume he wanted sex, because Annette slapped him.  He's got his own special creepy vibe.  I can very easily picture the actor playing a Nazi, because that's kind of how the character is coming across on AWZ.  It's that type of evil portrayed in the more serious American war movies made during and after the Second World War.  Actually, you see it in documentaries that have footage from that time, too.  I guess it's useful to be able to play a character like that.  He's certainly very recognizably an antagonist.

Speaking of antagonists, Axel is back.  He's apparently heavily involved in all the licensing of the Center plot, except the Steinkamps didn't know he was a silent partner with the woman in charge of the approval(?)  He made his own desk in the Center's offices again, with a little ice-skating association flag flying on it.  Richard kicked him out.  Richard, at least, remembers all the evil things that Axel did.

I love how some of the characters don't forget what has happened before.  Roman remembers past events vividly, and can predict what's going to happen based on how things played out the last time, or the last few times.  Of course, no-one believes him.  Sometimes he seems to take the role of the Cassandra (Kassandra?) of the show.  Like her, he's right about it.  He also seems resigned to the knowledge that no-one will believe him, either.

So there are some interesting villains on the show lately.  I'm kind of over the Lena/Max baby drama.  Jenny's twisted relationship with her parents just goes on, and Jenny continues to pretty much be sociopathic.  Roman is very familiar with dealing with her from the standing of a very long acquaintanceship and sometimes friendship.  He's disgusted that she's partnering in evil with Claudia.  Then again, Roman had a very bad conscience those times he went along with Jenny's schemes.

I'm looking forward to the Florian plot.  There was an interview with the actor (Michael?), who said it has to do with the hockey team.  Florian has a lovely Wild sparkle all his own.  I'm rather close to being as interested in his scenes as in the Deniz and Roman scenes.  The bonus is that they're often all together.  The show did wonderfully in giving Roman a long-lost younger brother.  He's a great addition. 

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