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Wednesday night and Thursday so far

I graduated to sleeping on the couch last night.  I'd been sleeping in the recliner in the family room for seven-plus weeks.  Now that I can sort of walk, and get down the couple of steps to the powder room better, and back up the steps, I was really ready to try the couch.  I'd had a couple of cups of tea, at lunch and at dinner, so I didn't actually get to sleep until six a.m.  I slept until eleven, ate breakfast, and went back to sleep.  It was so good to wake up without a horrible crick in my neck from the recliner coming back upright.  It was no trouble to go back to sleep on the couch after breakfast.

I got a couple of calls around two.  My phone was plugged in by the recliner.  I went down to see who had called.  One of the calls was from E.M.  I'd talked to her about working at the bookstore today.  I called back.  She'd just woken up, and was still getting ready.  I told her that I'd just take a sponge bath, and I'd be ready to go.  I was ready by three.  She showed up at three-thirty.  She'd found that the cats had gotten into two of her bags of stuff and made a big mess, so she wanted to make sure they hadn't eaten any chocolate or anything.  One of the bags was filled with sweets, she said, and there were Jelly Bellies all over the floor.

We probably got to the bookstore at about four, and I started straightening out the romances.  I got through the category romances, then filled in the romantic suspense section.  I went into the back room with the boxes of books, and picked some of Suzanne Brockmann's out of the contemporary romance section.  I put Hot Target and All Through the Night on display on top of the romantic suspense racks.  Hot Target has the start of a gay romance and a complete m/f romance, though the m/m romance is much more interesting.  The gay romance between Jules Cassidy and Robin Chadwick continues in Force of Nature (with a m/f romance in there, too), and finishes up in the Christmas novella All Through the Night.

Hot Target and Force of Nature were many women's first introduction to m/m romance, apparently.  The straight romances are about as explicit as you'd expect from the genre, while the gay romance is fade-to-black.  Ms. Brockmann wrote about why she decided to close the bedroom door on Robin and Jules, and although I would have preferred for the gay romance to be of a similar "heat level" to the straight, I could see that a lot of her straight romance readers wouldn't be used to that.  I thought that article was on her website, but she's got a new one:  Perhaps there's still a link to it somewhere.

I had returned to the back room at the bookstore, and was trying to figure out what was in what boxes, tossing books around and leaning over my walker to peer into cardboard boxes on the floor, when Mom found me.  I'd been planning to fill in the contemporary romance and historical romance shelves, but Mom was upset to see me like that, and ready to go.  I told B. that one box of historical romance and one box of contemporary romance was out by their respective bookshelves, and they could fill in from there.  Mom said I shouldn't have been back there balancing like that, but I said that I'd mostly been sitting on a stool out by the bookshelves, and that if it had hurt, I wouldn't have been doing it.

We stopped at Boston Market (formerly Boston Chicken, until they branched out into turkey and ham) to pick up dinner.  It had been a while since we'd gotten a meal there, and it was good.  We'd eaten a lot of chicken lately, so I voted for turkey.  We all like their creamed spinach, and just about all of the other side dishes.  Besides the spinach, Mom picked out stuffing and sweet potatoes today, and that went well with the turkey.

After dinner, we went upstairs, and I took a shower.  I'd already taken a sponge bath, but I couldn't pass up a chance to wash my hair.  Last time I'd had it done was Tuesday night, at the kitchen sink, and it had been a few days before that since I'd gotten it done.  I'm sure I noted it at the time.  I'd be very happy to go back to every other day for washing my hair.

Mom brought down cocoa butter lotion yesterday.  It was from shortly after she had her torn ACL replaced.  She had had a nasty fall a few years ago, and broken a bone in her knee, too -- cracked tibial plateau?  She'd used the cocoa butter to rub into the scars she had from the surgery for the ACL.  It's supposed to help the appearance of scars, over a period of time.  I tried some last night.  At least it smells good.  I wasn't too concerned with the appearance of the scar.  Even Mom says it looks much better than it did a couple of weeks ago, but I'm more concerned with getting it less tight than it is now, so it's easier to walk when I eventually can.

I have editing to do, and soap operas to catch up on.  At this rate, I'll have a week's worth of Alles was zahlt to watch over the weekend -- not that that's a bad way to spend a weekend.  

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