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Wednesday day - physical therapy

Physical therapy was the main trip out for the day.  Mom, who had a sinus infection last entry, continued to feel crappy and called off work today.  I cancelled my paratransit return trip from physical therapy, as Mom said she'd come get me.  The pick-up time was at 2:00 p.m., the physical therapy starting at 2:30 p.m.  When the paratransit hadn't come by 2:20, Mom took me to physical therapy.  She brought a book, so she just stayed in the waiting room area and read her book.  I called the paratransit company, to make sure I hadn't cancelled both ways for today's trip, and to make sure they didn't list me as a no-show.  It was 2:45 at this point.  They'd just wrapped my ankle in the heating pad, and set the timer for ten minutes, so I wasn't going anywhere.  The woman who answered checked, and said that the bus was running a little late, but should be there in a few minutes.  "Mom took me to physical therapy," I said.  "I'm at my destination now."

"We'll cancel the pick-up, then.  Next time, if the bus isn't there ten minutes after it's scheduled to be, call us and ask for the status."  Not that it would do me much good, except that I could call my destination location and tell them I was running late.  Otherwise, I'm a captive audience.

I told the therapist that he could take off the gauze pad I had over the incision scar.  He said that he'd wanted to massage it.  Of course, it's tight now, so they want to make it more flexible, and loosen up the scar tissue.  I don't remember the name of the cream he used, but it was some kind of specialty thing.  He also admired the incision scar.  Apparently the surgeon does really good handiwork.

Considering it was a "spectacular break" and a partial dislocation, I didn't expect to have a pretty scar.  I just figured the surgeon would open it up enough to do whatever he had to do.  He had said that if all the ripped-up tendons and ligaments didn't go back into place, he'd have to go in on top of my foot and sew things together -- and possibly put another plate in?  I think he did say something about putting another plate in if he needed to.  The ligaments and tendons did snap back, so that wasn't necessary.  He was happy to tell me that.  All along, the surgeon has seemed quite pleased with the job he did, and satisfied enough with my progress.

So I got my ankle massaged, and then it turned into a moving-it-around and checking to see if the range of motion had improved kind of thing.  When he pushed my toes a certain distance up towards my body, it really hurt.  He went to pushing it at a lesser angle when I said that.  Then I had my exercises to do, and they added another one.  I'm still doing the exercises at home on the off days.  I can tell that my ankle is moving better than it was on Thursday, and that the range of motion has improved already.

I'm getting used to putting some weight on that foot when it's in the walking cast.  Mom was happy to see me "walking."  I mostly remember to put the foot down for balance, anyway, and I am usually putting some weight on it, though I'm keeping at least part of my weight on my arms, too, when I put it down.  It's definitely lessening the arthritis pain in the left knee, now that I'm not just hopping on that leg.

So, exercises, ice on the ankle and we headed home.  Since Mom had been in a hurry, she hadn't loaded the transport chair into the car, so it was the walker there and back, though she did park in the handicapped parking space.  It's certainly a lot less energy to do something of a walk rather than entirely hopping.  It was a bit over seven weeks that I put no weight on the right leg at all.  Hopefully, by the next time I see the orthopedist -- in a month -- I'll be able to put weight on it without the cast.  It's definitely an improvement to do what I can do now, though.

I watched Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's episodes of Verbotene Liebe when we got home, then Dad took me out to an appointment after dinner.  He used the transport chair.  At least this time he remembered to bring a book.  I'll post about the VL episodes next entry.


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