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Tuesday late September

Off to see the primary care doctor, who seemed happy enough with how I was doing.  Now that I'm in a walking cast, they could weigh me.  I sat back down in the wheelchair, and they weighed the cast separately.  Apparently it's only two pounds, though it feels like far more than that.  I think I'd lost some weight from where I estimated I'd been, but I've been eating some big meals lately, although mostly they've been nutritious ones.  The doctor said that the infection on my foot was healing nicely.  I had thought so, but it was good to have it confirmed.  She looked at the incision, and said it was "beautiful."  I suppose the surgeon would be pleased to know someone was admiring his handiwork.  It left a nice straight scar.

I got a flu shot.  The nurse told me I might be achy tomorrow.  We'll see.  Mom's doctor is in the same practice, and Mom had had an appointment at the same time.  She had sinusitus, which she had thought she had.  We headed off to the pharmacy to get our prescriptions.  The pharmacy is in a grocery store, so we did some shopping, too.

I did all right with the scooter, and most of the people were aware enough to get out of the way, with only a few oblivious ones.  I got sushi, and some veggies and pasta from the salad bar.  I had some of that when I got home.  I'd only had a banana and a granola bar before we headed off to the doctor's.  I was on my computer, up in the living room, for a while as Mom and Dad debated what to do for dinner.  We've had fast food and/or take out most nights lately.  Dad didn't want to go out again, so he got pizza delivered.  I went down to the family room, took off the cast, and napped in the recliner as they watched the start of the baseball game.  Dad complained that I could have napped on the couch in the living room.

They wanted to keep the wheelchair out of the passage between kitchen and family room badly enough that they actually brought me some slices of pizza.  The debate continues to rage about that.  Mom hates having the wheelchair there, as she can't get through.  It's very hard for her to reach and work the brakes to move it.  Mostly, though, she leaves it there so I can get up into the kitchen and move around.  As long as I'm in a chair with brakes or something sturdy like the captain's chair, I can pull the walker up after me and walk around.  I just can't carry anything when I'm on the walker, so one reason I prefer the wheelchair is that it leaves my hands much more free.

(Added: I did get up to the kitchen to get my hair washed, later on.)

I didn't sleep last night, and only a few hours in the morning.  No more tea in the evening for me, unless it's decaffeinated.  I'll probably sleep well enough tonight.  I have a couple days of soap operas to catch up on now, and I'll do another read-through of Willa/Zoey's book.  Apparently Zoey is the new pen name she uses if there are women involved in the menage, and the story is told from the woman's perspective in this one, with the men focusing their attention on her.  As I've said, I still read m/f romance anyway, and this is m/m/f.  I liked the female character.  She had a good voice.  It says in the "about the author" bit that Zoey is another name for Willa, so I'm not disclosing anything people won't know.  As long as the reader has in mind that Willa is her name for m/m, and her other pen names are for stories with opposite-sex relationships as well, they should be quite happy.

Last night I didn't have the mental energy for listening to a half hour of German at a time with no subtitles, but once I start watching, I generally get into it.  I may just let the words flow over me tonight, and just watch for Christian and Olli, and Roman and Deniz.  I know that Nanna will do the subtitling of the Chrolli parts of Verbotene Liebe, and that others have clips and can do transcripts.

I read Volume One of The Syndicate again (, since I'd recommended it to the Chrolli book club.  It is pretty serialized, so you can read just a part at a time and then pick up with it later.  I'll have to see what the folks who read it think about it.  Vaughan and Allard are quite the characters, particularly Allard.  The secondary characters are very quirky, as well.  Richard and Niall of the Spindrift series are among Jules' few nice protagonists, out of the books I've read.  I haven't yet read the Lord and Master series.  The computer geek characters have the manners, or lack thereof, that you'd expect.  Marc Frampton of Buildup: Mindscan is his own special case of arrogant scientist with major issues, though Captain Reeve is usually pretty decent to his crew.

Well, I've got some great stuff to edit, and I'm getting out of the house for physical therapy.  I called E.M. from the bookstore, and told her that I could manage short distances just using the walker, so she could pick me up and take me there if she wanted to.  Last time, I got into the back room and put the boxes of romances in order, as well as filling in gaps on the bookshelves and putting the books in order.  It feels good to be getting into something of a routine.

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