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Monday day

It was my second day of physical therapy.  The orthopedic surgeon had told the physical therapists that I could put as much weight as I was comfortable with on my bad leg when the walking cast was on, and no weight when the cast was off.  They massaged the ankle, and had me do exercises for it.  I practiced a little walking.  I tried putting my whole weight on it, and it definitely wasn't comfortable, but I can put some weight on it all right.  It helps greatly with balance.  Hopping with my leg up took a lot of energy, and this takes less.  It takes some concentration, but I don't think it will be too long before I get a reasonable walking motion going.  The physical therapist told me that there wasn't any particular "right" way to walk with a boot on when you're using a walker, but they'd teach me the proper mechanics when I graduated to a cane.  I had a little inward thrill at his casual mention of me getting to walking with a cane.

It was nice out, so I didn't mind sitting out and waiting for the paratransit bus.  It came right on time, at 2:00 p.m.  I signed in at physical therapy, and got right to it.  They start with ten minutes of heat, then the massage and exercises, then end with ten minutes of ice.  I like the ice.

I played phone tag with P. a little as I was waiting for the transport back.  I'd said 4:30 for the pick-up, because I wanted to allow plenty of time at physical therapy.  I talked to my brother J. for a while.  He said he'd gone to a Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) service as his LGBT cultural immersion experience.  J. really liked the service, how welcoming and inclusive it was.  He liked the informality of it as well.  We were raised in a church with quite a formal liturgy, so almost anything would be a more relaxed atmosphere, but he really appreciated the informality.  J. said he'd go back, even regularly, and that it had been one of the best spiritual experiences he'd had in several years.

I said that Troy Perry, the founder of the MCC, had come to speak at [local university] a few years ago.  He was there to celebrate the five-year anniversary of a Delaware County, Pennsylvania church, so he was sort of in the area anyway.  There's an MCC church in Philadelphia, too, I'm sure.  J. said that he didn't want to hear too much about the history and structure of the churches at this point, that he wanted to write the paper with his raw impressions and then show it to me.  It's just supposed to be his feelings about it, before, during, and after the experience.  I was fascinated to hear that he'd had such a great time there.  I hadn't realized that that would be something he'd get so much from.

I called the office of the GLBT organization at [local university].  V. answered.  I said that M. hadn't sent a schedule of events to me.  V. told me about the events of the next few weeks.  I said again that if there was a student in the organization who was a good driver but didn't have a car, he or she (I guess "ze" as the gender-neutral pronoun would be quite acceptable to some, too) could use the car in exchange for giving me rides.  V. considered it enough to ask if it was a manual or automatic.  I hope she said something at the meeting.  There was a speaker that week, and a speaker the next.  The Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus is coming sometime this fall, and that's always a cool event.  A number of people from the community came to that one last year.  I'll definitely bug the kids about rides, since I still won't be driving for some time yet.

I finally did get a hold of P. after dinner.  She said her mother wanted to write a book, but P. knew her mom would need an editor and a publisher.  I suggested her mother go with Lulu for publishing, and said that I could help with proofing and editing.  Her mother is a preacher, and wants to write about her life experiences and spirituality, so it will be quite the change from the usual books I edit.  P. looked up Lulu online, and I said that if her brother C. came up and got us, we could spend an afternoon with her mom and I could tell her what I knew about the process of getting a book to the point of publishing, and what I've heard about self-publishing.  I don't know about formatting, but I can get P. to teach herself that.  I'll tell them that P.'s mother can pick out a picture of an angel for the cover.  She collects angels.  I'll have to remember to tell her mom to buy an ISBN.

Back to the secular, Teddypig had an interesting blog post:  I commented that I use "m/m fiction" and "m/m romance" pretty much synonomously, and that some of the books on that list would just be classified as gay fiction, and a few as YA (young adult) fiction.  I don't think it's necessarily wrong to separate books out by the gender of the writer.  It's just that with all the m/m authors' pen names that are initials, gender-neutral names, or names I've only ever seen as male names, it's particularly difficult to tell.  It's probably unlikely that they've considered about trans authors, either.

Teddypig often enough posts or comments about judging the writing instead of the writer.  Thanks to him, mostly, I know of some authors who start wankfests or gleefully dive into them.  There are a couple who seem unpleasant enough with it that I doubt I'd get their books.  During that Lambda Literary trainwreck of wank -- perhaps I should specify, the "fetishization" one -- I was distressed to find out that some of the authors I like are adversaries online.  I decided to just enjoy their books and try to forget about the emnity.  Ignorance was bliss there.

Well, I have -- what else? -- editing to do, and German soap operas to catch up on.  I'll post about the soap operas in my next entry.  I got a shipment of Jasmine Pearls tea, and had that with dinner.  I think I'm good for tea for years to come at this point.  I'll have to tell J. that he got a couple of paragraphs this time.  I would -- I do -- mention him every so often anyway, but now that he's plunging into gay culture and exploring some issues, it ties in nicely with the usual topics I post about.

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