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Sunday so far

Not too much today -- it's been a much quieter day except for finishing up working out my editing schedule for the next couple of weeks.  Well, my schedule with Changeling, anyway.  Exciting news on the Petit Morts front, Kris.  It's been officially announced now.  Sean Kennedy is doing a story for this batch, and it's a wonderful story.  It totally captures the spirit of the series, and of Chance.  There's an interview with Sean in Jordan's newsletter.  Sean and Jordan talked about "spunky" meaning something quite different in Australian slang.  For some reason I'd been in a discussion about Australian slang a few weeks ago.  Was that a discussion of yours, Kris?  It took me a minute, but I remembered "spunky" was the equivalent of "hot."  Well, Australians would get it.  Not only is it a great entry in the series, but one with real Australian flavor.

My plan is to do a fair amount of editing tonight, and a little web surfing, maybe a little reading.  I'll update if anything exciting happens to me today.

Here's a bit from Eskimo Kiss Project about a group going around the U.S. to get LGBT stories.  I'll have a couple of travel recommendations for them.

Edited to add: Willa/Zoey's story rocks.  Sarah's story rocks.  They're really clean -- in the sense that they don't need a whole lot of fixing.  I'm getting such good stories to edit.  These are the times I love my job.  Well, I also like feeling like there's a lot I've done to improve a story that needed it, but it's a pleasure to start out an edit on a story that's already excellent.
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