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Got some editing done last night and today.  I think I'm still catching up on sleep from having almost none Tuesday night.  I had an appointment today, so I took a quick sponge bath, then opened the garage door in case Mr. Y. came early, before I got up to the living room to open the front door.  I got the front door open a few minutes later, and just left it open, since it was pretty nice out.  He came just on time, and we talked insurance stuff.  S.D., the cleaning lady, came around the same time, but she cleaned the upstairs while Mr. Y. was there.  We got the insurance things figured out, and I had a late brunch afterwards.

I had Sunset Oolong tea again, but it did nothing to keep me awake.  Mom came home a little early, and went upstairs to go lie down.  I watched Alles was Zahlt, and did some editing.  Dad brought home subs from Subway.  I watched Verbotene Liebe, and did more editing.

Alles was zahlt: Deniz started a "practicum" (there are probably a lot more "k"s in the German spelling).  Someone on the Gays of Daytime board said it was an internship.  Anyway, it's at Steinkamp Sport and Wellness.  Deniz washed Richard's car, and had also managed to get toner all over his hands.  Richard and Claudia had had icky sexytimes in the lake, and it appeared in a video everyone at the Center got on their computers.  The accompanying music for it was "Je t'aime."  Regular viewers of AWZ are conditioned to associate that with sexytimes, whether it's sparkly hallucinations or "real life."  Let's just say that Roman in that little gold lame bathing suit (in Axel's hallucination) looked far better than Richard bare-assed.

Deniz laughed at the video along with everyone else at first, but then figured out that Florian had uploaded it using Deniz' computer.  Considering Deniz never completed a high school education, he's got a surprising way sometimes of making connections between events.  He wanted the klein Wild to confess to his misdemeanors, but Flo was afraid that if he lost his job, he'd go back to Gunzenhausen and his father.  Flo called a "computer nerd" friend to have him erase the source of the video.  His friend wiped out everything on every computer in the center.  Deniz figured out that Florian had been behind that, too.

Put both Wilds and Deniz in a room, and you have completely unfair amounts of sparkle.  Deniz sparkled just in his interactions with Flo, too.  Comments on the GODT board included observations of how hot Deniz looked in a suit -- he did -- and how angry!Deniz was even more hot -- he was.  Roman sparkled in his talk with Jenny, too.

Simone was rocking, too.  She said to Richard that first it had been in a pool, then in a lake, and asked if a sea was next.  Then she told him to think things over -- with his head.  (Go, Simone!)  She was feuding again with Claudia, who got some of her own back with nasty comments.  Simone got a "going to cut the bitch" expression on her face.  I want her to actually do it.  Simone ran Nadja over at one point.  I don't see why she couldn't knife Claudia, or why someone couldn't.

Verbotene Liebe: I'd only missed two episodes, as VL was apparently pre-empted for sports on Wednesday.  Thursday's episode started with Ansgar holding Lydia up and thrusting, quickly followed by Ansgar's moan and facial expression as he came.  VL is getting pretty daring with Ansgar and Lydia.  Ansgar started to say something, starting with, "Oh Gott, Lydia, Ich..." but Lydia covered his mouth, got her clothes readjusted and left.  Ansgar had to rest against the wall he'd taken Lydia against, but he had quite a satiated expression.  He later arranged for an assignation with her in the Orangerie, but she ended up staying with Sebastian instead.  Lydia's psycho stalker rescued her from getting run over by a car as she was deep in thought, and she barely acknowledged that it was him.

When Sebastian said something at breakfast about Lydia's encounter with her psycho stalker, Ansgar turned from the breakfast buffet in alarm for Lydia.  Sebastian and Lydia didn't see him, and Ansgar mastered his expresion well, coming back to the table to make snide comments in his usual way.  Ansgar spilled milk on Sebastian to get him to go change.  I thought that showed a certain lack of subtlety on the show's part, but I loved it.  Then Ansgar got rid of the maid, and asked Lydia where she'd been when she was supposed to meet him for the assignation.  She told him she'd been with Sebastian, and he'd just have to deal.  She'd denied earlier that she loved Ansgar when he said she did, and Ansgar seemed almost hurt.  He was definitely a little insulted by what she'd said.  Still, as I thought would be shown to happen, Ansgar is protective of Lydia.  As evil as he is normally, he doesn't want anyone to hurt her.  I think he really has feelings for her.

Christian and Olli appeared a bit in Friday's episode.  Elisabeth was talking on the phone about the jobs at the Schloss, and all the servants were listening in.  She turned around and saw them, and asked if there was anything she could do for them.  Christian, who's not too subtle himself, said something about getting back to work, I think.  Elisabeth said that that hadn't answered her question.  The other servants asked about whether they'd still be working there if the von Lahnsteins were having a financial crisis.  Elisabeth told them their jobs were safe.

Christian and Olli also appeared in a bit more celebration of Helena getting her doctorate.  In one episode, we saw Christian in his work outfit of win, then wearing his khaki pants, the ones that make viewers comment about his "bubble butt."    The costume department continues to give him much love.  Constantin is still adorable, too.  Andi fed Constantin out of a bowl of fruit.  I'm sure if I'd understood what they were saying, it would have seemed less like fuel for ConstAndi shippers.  No, really, unless they were kidding around about the general homoeroticism in the flat, they definitely appeared more than friendly.  A., tell me it's not just me.  Andi is getting very comfortable with seeing Olli and Christian cuddling, when it made him really nervous before.  Constantin and Andi were sparkly together today.

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