neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

first day of physical therapy

This was the assessment day, my first visit to the physical therapists.  The orthopedist still hadn't been clear in his notes about whether I could put any weight on the leg, so the therapists said they'd call and find out by tomorrow afternoon.  They compared my right foot, ankle and calf to the left leg.  I said that my right calf had been bigger than my left.  The physical therapist didn't think that would ever be the case again, though we'd certainly build it up towards where it was.  Even in this past week, the calf has filled out a little from how terribly atrophied it was.  She tested the range of motion in my ankle, which at one point made me cry out in pain.  At some point, she told me to move it myself, and see what kinds of angles I could get it to when it was flexed back or extended.

They wrapped it in a heating pad first, to get it warmed up and loose.  That was okay.  It didn't get hot enough to burn.  When we were done, they wrapped it in ice, which I liked much better.  I'll be going to PT three times a week.  Next week is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 
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