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Wednesday -- district garden club meeting

Dozed off around 2:30 in the morning.  Mom came down at 3:30 because she couldn't sleep.  Then she came down at 6:00 and started emptying the dishwasher, with all the accompanying clinking and clattering.  Clearly she didn't think I needed any more sleep.  I had gotten about two hours by that point.  I called N.F. at 7:15 a.m. to see if she'd be picking me up soon for the district-wide garden club meeting.  She said she wasn't going.  Oops.  G.C. and I had just assumed she was going.  I called G.C., who was nearly on her way out the door.  She said she'd come around to pick me up, but that she didn't know if I could fit into her convertible with my cast.  I managed, and she somehow got my walker into the tiny back seat.

She's a nurse, so I told her the progress of my ankle.  I dozed off during the later part of the ride.  G.C. went in to the meeting place and found that they had a wheelchair.  I was happy to see that.  We'd gotten there before 9:00, when registration was supposed to start.  G.C. had heard that there was a meeting of the presidents of the individual clubs at 9:00.  It turned out to be at 9:30, so we had plenty of time.  G.C. got me a cup of tea.  I had hoped they'd have pastries as well, but it was only coffee and tea.  I went for decaf, which was a mistake.  Registration actually started at 9:15 or so.

People had started to set really cool raffle items out on a line of tables.  There were gift certificates for several garden centers in the tri-county area.  There were a number of handmade things, tote bags, baskets of goodles, a fern and orchid arrangement, a coffee table book about flower arranging, a terrarium and a gift certificate to Borders Books, among other things.  Raffle tickets were a dollar each or six for five dollars.  I ended up getting eight altogether, and put them on different items.  One raffle item was a tote bag full of food, including a baguette sort of bread sticking out of the top, and a $50 gift certificate to Whole Foods.  I put a ticket in for that, as I was getting hungry.  I put a ticket in for a very pretty basket with jams and other things like that, and little gardening tools.  It was described as "Tea in the Garden."  I also put tickets in for several of the gift certificates, the terrarium, and for jewelry that one of the ladies had made.

G.C. had reserved a table, and the other ladies started to come in, including the carful P.M. was driving that had S.M., D.S., and J.D. in it.  S.M. had said that D.M. wouldn't be making it, as she had a bad cold, but she came anyway.  J.M. came in just as the awards and recognitions were starting.  It was nice to see the ladies.  S. (S.) won a "laurel."  She hadn't made it, but they collected hers for her.  They had spelled her first name wrong and given her a different last name completely, so the awards presenter promised to make a new one that was right.  I kept dozing off during the recognition of the various ladies active in the district garden clubs.  I wished that I'd gotten caffeinated tea, or coffee, after all.

At 11:30, they started to call out the ticket numbers for the raffle.  J.D. won one of those gift certificates.  I knew I'd put a ticket in for the $50 gift certificate to Longwood Gardens, but someone else got that one.  I've spent far too much money at Longwood Gardens over the years anyway, including getting my Felco #2 pruning shears there; and many, many plants and packets of seeds; not to mention gardening books and magazines.

I was anxious to get lunch -- I was really hungry by that point.  I filled up on rolls, then we got salad.  I had chosen salmon as my entree, and that was good.  With the rolls, it made a decent-enough brunch.  I had coffee with dessert, hoping it would help me stay awake in the afternoon.  The afternoon program was "Modern American Floral Design."  The presenter re-interpreted sorts of floral designs from the past, including a take on a Roman rose garland.  One design referred back to Ancient Egypt, and had black calla lilies representing Cleopatra.  There was one to represent the Druids, which had blue hydrangeas, sunflowers, and manzanita branches.  I know sunflowers are native to the New World, but I suppose she thought of it as a sun-worship connection.  She said, "And then you go from medieval times to Victorian times."  My history-major self noted that she'd skipped a lot.  The presenter did an Art Deco design and an Art Nouveau design.  They were offering raffle tickets for her floral arrangements, but they were $5 for a ticket, so I refrained.

After the program, there was more of the original raffle, and I won some jewelry.  G.C. went up to choose for me, and I said, "The pink, the blue, or the green."  G.C. returned with the jewelry made with pink beads and silver spacers.  It turned out to be a necklace, bracelet and earrings.  I said, "Well, that's Mom's birthday present."  Mom's birthday is next week.  I wouldn't be able to go shopping for her, so I'd already offered to make her a pair of earrings.  I didn't win anything I'd planned to keep for myself, but I was glad to get something for Mom.

There was something of a traffic jam getting out of the parking lot, so I sat in the lobby with P.A., and we waited for a bit.  P.A. had showed up at lunchtime, complaining that the meeting place was not well-marked at all, and that she'd been lost for a few hours.  We were wondering what had happened to her.  She didn't like any of the arrangements the presenter made for the program, but she's very picky about flower arrangements.  She generally has some tart observations to make -- she must be around eighty, but she's still very sharp, and quite the character.

G.C. brought P.A.'s car up when the traffic jam outside the entrance eased, then brought her own car up for me to get into.  She took back the wheelchair, and we headed home.  I got home perhaps half an hour before Mom did, and put my leg up.  It had been down on the wheelchair footrest all day, and was rather cramped.  I took Aleve.  When Mom got home, I showed her the jewelry, and asked if she'd want it as a present.  If you don't ask first, it usually just gets returned.  She liked it, so that will be what she gets from me for her birthday.  Dad had had a half-day, and been around running errands.  He'd picked up the prescription painkiller the orthopedist's office had called in.  I took that a couple of hours after I took the Aleve, and the pain in my ankle really eased up.

We debated for some time what to eat for dinner.  Mom wanted take-out from somewhere.  I suggested Applebee's.  I mentioned the Chinese restaurant we get take-out from most often.  Mom suggested [local Italian restaurant].  I suggested another couple of choices.  Dad said we should get barbeque sandwiches from Dairy Queen.  I like them.  I said I wanted a little hot fudge or butterscotch sundae, too, as long as we were getting dinner from Dairy Queen.  Dad eventually went out to pick it up.  We had our dinner.  Mom brought it down to me and I ate on the lapdesk.  I guess she figured that since I had the removable cast off and my leg up, I wasn't planning to move for a while.  That was before I'd taken the prescription painkiller.  Mom settled in to watch the Phillies game, and Dad went off to a veterans meeting.  Yes, he has two or three a week some weeks.  He's in that many different veterans groups.

I have some editing I really want to get done, or at least make considerable progress on tonight.  I don't know how long I'll be able to stay up at my computer, but I'll do some on the laptop.  (Added: I got a lot done on my computer.)  I still really need to keep my leg propped up.  I can take more painkiller, but I don't want to try to push through too much pain if my leg is cramping like that.  I have my first physical therapy appointment tomorrow afternoon.

It was a pretty good day.  I wished I'd been able to stay awake for the morning presentations, but at least I was awake for most of the floral design program, and it was nice to see the ladies.  It was really nice to win a birthday present for Mom.

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