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Well, I got an e-mail from my brother, parts of which were hysterical.  Here's the funny part: "So I decided to take a break from reading articles for my LGBTQ class and decided to browse your live journal... you can rant about flowers, steeping tea and soaps for hours but my visit a few sentences between sponge baths and yummy carrot-cake-esque muffins... :(  I think it's cool you have a forum to share the minutia of the day as well as talk about your shows, books and plant life adventures."

In something of a defense, I didn't think he'd ever actually read it, though I'd told him my LJ name a few times.  I checked back on my entry for his visit (September 4th), and I'd actually given him several paragraphs.  And by the way, today's flowering tea was Shooting Star.  He e-mails me every so often, and calls on the phone probably at least three times a week.  It can depend who he wants to talk to, but he and I often talk for an hour or two over the course of a week.

I realize he's very busy between working part-time, going to school full-time and being just recently married.  I'd drive down to visit him once in a while if I could drive.  There was a while there that I was going to Baltimore every other weekend, when I played in a live-action roleplaying game.  It ran until midnight, so I'd crash at J.'s current apartment.  I think he'd gone through three or four in the years I was going down there that regularly.  To be fair, I never much liked driving on Route 95 at any time, and took winding back roads as much as possible, but his apartments in Baltimore County were mostly easy enough to get to.

The LJ started out as a gardening journal, and then I started putting in commentary about the books I was reading.  Since a year ago, it's mostly become taken over by soap opera re-caps, with entries about my volunteer jobs.  Now that I'm temporarily -- relatively temporarily -- physically disabled, I'm doing the majority of my entries on that.  I'm sure I'll go back to different topics sooner or later.

I actually did read an e-book, after months and months of not reading anything but the books I was editing and the occasional short story.  I'd been getting the books that were auto-buys and ones that sounded good as soon as I knew they were out, but not being able to settle down and read.  I finally snapped that streak.  I hadn't gotten into Heaven Sent: Revelations at all.  That was Gretchen's story.  It's totally not like I just read m/m.  I still read m/f romance.  Since that time period where I got nothing but menages to proof and edit for at least six weeks straight, I've read menages, too, so that aspect of the book wouldn't have bothered me at all.  I got Revelations over a year ago, right before we went to Bethany Beach.  So far it's a "did not finish."  I don't think I got more than a few chapters into it.

Returning to the present day, Indigo Knights: Squire just came out last week or so.  I'd been eagerly awaiting that one.  Rabin sounded like a good character when he appeared in Heaven Sent: Genesis.  I knew it would be light and fluffy, and that was just what I needed.  They're yaoi-inspired romances, and I'm not a fan of "Gay for You" storylines, but one out of the first four books really worked for me.  That was Hell, in which Brent was very definitely at least bisexual to start with.  That was established right away.  Hell was gay.  Nobody changed orientations from straight.  I loved both the main characters, too.

In Indigo Knights: Squire, Rabin was quite bi-curious to start with, and Izzy was gay.  I didn't feel like Rabin had changed from being straight.  He was just curious enough for it to work for me.  I liked Rabin from Genesis, and Izzy was a total charmer, just adorable.  Brent and Hell also appeared as major secondary characters in the first part of the book.  Squire was the first novella-length e-book I've finished in many months.  It gives me hope that I'll be able to settle back down into reading regularly.

The LJ is going to continue being probably close to half about my disability and how it's shaping my activities of daily living, for at least the next couple of months.  There will be a substantial chunk dedicated to soap operas.  I expect the rest will be filled in with flowers, books and bits about my volunteer jobs.

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