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Tuesday soap operas

Today was the last edition of AfterElton's Gays of Our Lives, since there are no more American soaps with gay characters as show regulars, or even frequently recurring gay characters.  AfterElton is based in the U.S., and the big interest was in the American soap operas.  They say they'll have articles every so often about what's going on in the foreign soap operas.  This last, and short, edition was dedicated to the ending of As the World Turns.  Luke Snyder was it.  From what Anthony Langford and many others said, he was treated as a second-class citizen in his romantic relationships, but he was still a member of one of the big families on that soap opera.

I watched today's episode of Verbotene Liebe.  No Christian and Olli, but von Lahnsteins in every scene.  Nico, radiantly beautiful, was trying to raise money for the Jana von Lahnstein memorial fund.  At least the show is acknowledging that Nico had a twin sister.  I think they were raised separately, or perhaps even turned out to be half-sisters(?) (I think that would take super-fecundation or something.  It's not a normal kind of thing for humans in the way it is quite possible for dogs).  Of course it took Prince Phillip to charm the ladies she was trying to get funds from.  Nico is still bitter about being kidnapped by Antonia because of the scams Phillip and Antonia were running on her.  Also, I think Antonia turned out to be Phillip's wife.

Anyway, back to the other twisted branches of the von Lahnstein family tree, Elisabeth took all the blame for the financial crisis in the von Lahnstein holding, when Ludwig was going to take the fall for it.  She packed her stuff, she and Ludwig exchanged fraught glances, and she headed back to Konigsbrunn.  Lydia came to visit Sebastian.  Ansgar came in and made little innuendos.  I don't know what he said, but they were innuendos.  When Sebastian, Lydia and Ansgar got on the elevator, Ansgar gave Lydia an ass-grab when they were going down.

Lydia persuaded Sebastian to have some afternoon delight.  It didn't take a terrible lot of persuasion to get Sebastian in the mood.  Ansgar came in while Sebastian was in the shower, and Lydia told him to get out.  So at this point, Lydia had worn Sebastian out.  She went to some graffitied garage to meet up with and presumably talk to Ansgar, and slapped his face.  He said he'd missed her, too.  She pushed him backwards, and stared at him, fuming, and suddenly they were all over each other.  It was wild, sizzling passion, and they have a ton of chemistry.  That was Lydia's second man within a couple of hours.  (Damn, Lydia!)  This is such soapy fun.  I cannot wait until Lydia gets pregnant and has no idea which of them is the father.  Meanwhile, it means she has another man to protect her from the psycho who'd kidnapped her and threatened to kill her with a knife, and is now out of jail for no apparent reason.  The creepy old Sebastian probably would have done a decent enough job of protecting her, but I don't know about the new one.  Ansgar is pretty evil himself, but I think he'd try to keep Lydia from harm, and not really have scruples about how he did it.

Things were relatively calmer on Alles Was Zahlt.  Annette is having issues with an inspector who examined the construction of the newest version of the fry stand.  They were fifteen centimeters short at one point on the paving length they were supposed to have.  Ingo put a long planter of bamboo there, and asked Deniz to estimate the length the bamboo added -- or something.  Deniz gave his estimate.  Roman and Deniz were around in various parts of the episode, Roman reading a postcard from Ben and Isabelle to the workers at the Steinkamp Center, and them both enjoying the beach.

Florian was there, too, doing a little video for his friends back in Gunzenhausen, concentrating on the women in bikinis.  He protested someone blocking his view from the deck, then realized it was Richard Steinkamp.  Richard wandered back to the beach, and said to Roman and Deniz something about how they must be enjoying the girls-in-bikinis view.  They looked at him.  He said the German equivalent of "nevermind."

Simone figured out that Claudia was somehow blackmailing Werner Hallbach, the president of the ice skating association.  Max is a little distracted by his other problems, but will basically be on board with Simone as Simone works to crush Claudia Bergman.  (Go, Simone!)

So Roman and Deniz are done with DeRo angst plot for now, and involved with some Ingo and Annette plot, some plot with Florian, and some Steinkamp Center plot as far as Roman still working there.  There will also be plot coming up very soon of Deniz trying to find a job while having no idea what he wants to do with his life employment-wise, and being a high school dropout.  A big, though totally rushed-through, arc may have ended for them, but they're still around, still well-integrated with the other characters, and still having regularly-scripted parts.

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