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Tuesday real life

I woke up at 8:00 a.m. for no apparent reason, and got up and had breakfast.  I was tired afterwards, and very bored with myself.  Being housebound is getting to me again.  I went back to the recliner to catch up on a little more sleep.  S.M. called at 12:30 to see if I wanted to come over and help her with computer things.  I was quite happy at the thought of getting out of the house.  She was going to go to the local Curves to exercise, and run a couple of errands.  She said she'd come get me at 2:30.  I took a sponge bath and was ready on time.  I was glad I'd thought to unlock the front door, because of course she came up and rang the bell there.  Out of everybody I've told, no one yet has remembered to come around to the back door first.

She had a transport chair from back when her mother had used it, and I'd asked her to bring it over so I could try it.  It has four wheels the size of the front wheels of a wheelchair.  It's just meant to be pushed -- the person in it isn't supposed to be doing anything.  I found that I could move it using my good foot, probably about as well as I can move when I'm in one of the kitchen chairs, except that the transport chair has brakes, and doesn't move in any direction the way the kitchen chairs move.  You really have to work to turn it if you're sitting in it.

I had asked one of my doctors if he had samples of a certain one of my prescriptions, as I'm between prescription drug plans for the month.  Yes, that was bad management on my part.  He said he'd put some at the desk there at his office for me to pick up today.  Since that's maybe a mile from S.M.'s house, I asked if we could pick up the samples.  She was willing.  The doctor gave me a month and a half worth of samples.  Since the medicine is three hundred dollars a month at full price, that saved me some money.  Thank you, Dr. T.

S.M.'s Japanese anemones are blooming.  They seemed to be a very pale purple or purple-tinged white.  They're very pretty flowers generally, so delicate-looking.  Her phlox were still flowering.  I think the white one is a cultivar named "David."  That was covered with bloom.

Once we got inside, and got me settled at the computer, I found that it wasn't just her having computer-illiteracy problems.  She'd had the computer "tuned up" to make it faster, and they'd completely changed Mozilla Thunderbird to make it ten times harder to use than the way she'd originally had it set up.  I had had to teach myself how to use it when she first showed it to me, but then I was good.  This time, I couldn't even find the inbox again once I opened up an e-mail.  Fifteen minutes later, I figured out how to go back to the inbox, after much experimenting with opening and closing tabs and learning the new way of how to move between all of her e-mail folders.  I got to where I could show her how to download document and PDF attachments to her documents folder.  Her attachments are miniscule, way at the bottom of an e-mail.  I could see how she couldn't find them when I tried to describe over the phone how to find attachments.

I told her that it wasn't just her.  She gets left behind when I experiment with left-clicking, right-clicking, and using shortcuts.  I tell her that I don't want to explain how to do something if the experiment is a failure.  By the time I figure out the right way to do something, I've done it too fast for her to follow.  I have to let her do it herself a few times and take notes for her to learn, which we did for how to download attachments.

Almost as soon as Mom got home, she asked if I wanted to take a shower.  I'd been making "wanting to wash my hair" noises for about three days.  I had put the no-rinse shampoo in yesterday, but that weighs down your hair.  I figured I'd better take my chance while I could.  I had to stop and rest several times on the stairs because of dragging the leg with the boot, and all of the walking I'd already done.  Trying to figure out where to put my bad leg while showering remains a challenge.  I don't want to put any weight on it, and the calf muscle is so atrophied.  The ankle only flexes a little at this point, and painfully.  I had that leg sort of tucked under the shower chair for part of my shower, and balanced on the edge of the tub for part of the time.  Mom was asking me what was taking so long.  "You're just shampooing once, right?"  Ha.

"Twice," I said.  "Go out and sit down.  I'll call you when I'm ready to get out of the shower."  I called, she hovered in front of the walker, and I pushed myself up off the edge of the tub with my arms, to standing.  She left while I was drying off, leaving the bathroom door wide open.  Of course Dad came upstairs then, right after he got home, and headed to their bedroom and then down the hall to his den.  I told him to keep his eyes averted from the bathroom.  Mom came back up and said that she didn't think Dad would go upstairs.  "Could you close the bathroom door next time?"

Dad picked up sandwiches from Wawa (a local convenience store chain), we had a quick dinner, and he headed off to a veterans meeting.  I finally caught up on my soap operas.


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