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Monday mid-September

Not a lot going on in real life today.  I put in calls to a few doctors' offices.  Since I'm allergic to that one painkiller now, and out of the other one that included an anti-inflammatory, I asked if I could get another prescription.  The physician's assistant called back.  She said I could get another prescription for pain, though the drug was a weaker one.  She also told me that the one with the anti-inflammatory was normally only prescribed for a short time, but that I could take Aleve or Advil.  I took Aleve in the evening.

The walking boot is heavier than the plaster cast, I think, and considerably more bulky.  The physician's assistant said there wasn't a notation of whether or not I could put weight on the leg.  She said that my record had that the fracture was healing, but not yet healed.  I decided to keep my weight off it completely until I see the physical therapists on Thursday   I expect that the physical therapists will be doing things about my range of motion, and perhaps trying to build up my calf muscles again, as they're quite atrophied.

I steeped the Jasmine Pearls tea again.  I think that's one of my favorites of all, though I enjoyed most of them quite a lot.  Evening: I'm having Flower Jewel tea, also.  I'll be up late this evening, but that's typical, anyway.

I caught up on the full episodes of Verbotene Liebe for Thursday, Friday, and Monday.  Helena and Andi had started making out in Thursday's episode, and Olli, Christian and Constantin left the flat to them.  I had seen that part in the clips.  In the full episode, Andi and Helena re-christened the blue couch.  That couch has been used hard over the years, between all the people jumping over it and vaulting onto and off it; and quite a number of couples making out.

Mostly it was quite the variety of von Lahnsteins on the show over the end of last week and the beginning of this one.  One or another appeared in every scene, I'm pretty sure, whether it was Helena, Constantin, or the ones who live at Konigsbrunn and/or work at the von Lahnstein holding.  Monday was almost purely von Lahnsteins.  Ansgar came back on Friday(?).  He's got such a deliciously evil, menacing vibe.  This time around, he was working with the others, to save the holding.

Ansgar figured that Tanja had something to do with the troubles the holding was having.  He didn't have a way to prove it, but he knew it was her.  Lydia is clearly not as over him as she'd like to think.  Natalie went to change the channel when Ansgar was on the news for a press conference, and Lydia told her not to.  Lydia stared, transfixed, at the screen as Ansgar answered business questions.  They're going to back in an affair very soon, I'm sure.  Nathalie was married for a while to Ansgar, I think, so she'd know what a monster he is.  I think Lydia even said that she'd thought he was a monster.  And I said that she obviously now thinks that he's a sexy monster.  Ansgar and Lydia have a lot of chemistry.

I don't think Christian and Olli really appear this week.  At least, they're not mentioned in the vorschau.  They might make brief appearances here and there.  Christian is named in one of next week's episodes.  It's work-related, so he'll be wearing that horse-trainer outfit of total win.  The costume department often seems to hate Jo -- I have no idea what he ever would have done to them -- but they obviously have had great love for Thore in the last year or so. 

I caught up with Alles Was Zahlt, too.  Deniz and Roman were in here and there in Friday's and Monday's episodes.  Roman had a number of lines today.  He's back to his usual mannerisms, physically and in the way he speaks.  The whole group, excluding Lena, watched the quiz show at the old fix-up house.  I wish I'd seen the episodes where the characters found that house, but I didn't have the motivation to watch the full episodes at that point.  I'm pretty sure that's when I was having the physical therapist, occupational therapist, nurses, and home health aides coming in.

There was some drama with Lena and Max, but I didn't especially care.  Florian made little appearances here and there, adding his kind of sparkle.  He's been a great find for the show.  Jenny and Claudia started scheming together, and I seethed in hatred about that.  Jenny is just re-hiring Claudia to spite Simone.  I'm not sure why Richard went along with Jenny this time.  The actress who plays Jenny will be leaving, I heard.  She's very good at playing such a twisted character.  I wonder if they'll recast Jenny or if Jenny will just leave for America or another part of Europe.

I'm glad to see that Roman and Deniz are still active characters, and well-integrated into a few different storylines.  There's supposed to be more going on with Florian in the near future, as well.  I'm just frustrated at how little I understand of what they're really saying.  I have an appreciation for how good Dennis and Igor are at physical comedy, and I can get that, but they often have really good lines, as well.

So, some characters on both shows who have sparkly chemistry with others, though I could only pick out words here and there.  I'm still at around one word in ten, I think.  Now I'm wishing my German was much better, but this past year I felt it would ruin my fun with the shows if I thought of German as something to study.

My leg is going to take a long time yet to heal, which severely cuts into me trying to think of it as temporary.  It's been six weeks or so, and I have two months of physical therapy ahead of me.  I'm in a better mental state than I was a few weeks ago, due to various factors.  The orthopedic surgeon had said my progress was good, but I'm feeling down at how much more time it's likely to take before I get back to being able to walk.  I'm determined to think that I will be back to walking again.  It will be great when I'm back to driving again.  The doctor said it would be quite some time before my ankle could take the stress of having to possibly push really hard down on the pedals.  I see him again in five weeks.  I'm hoping that by then the fracture will be healed.

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