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     The spring semester "Welcome Back" event for the GLBT group at [local university] was Monday evening.  This past semester, I did some sorting of the group's archives, and the organization's historian is helping me put together an online scrapbook of the group's history.  I really enjoy the time I spend working in the GLBT organization's office, with the leaders of the group and some of the other members there.  The kids really inspire me when I'm working on editing and proofreading m/m stories, or when some of the m/f stories I proof have mention of gay characters.  I want to get it right for their sake.  I've commented when a couple of the m/f stories have had somewhat homophobic lines -- at least I gave the editors something to consider.  One of the students, M., was talking about a Pride Week event called "Live Homosexual Acts," which will show the kids studying, hanging out, doing everyday things -- "just like anyone else," M. said.  I was touched by the concept -- I think it's kind of sweet.   Edited to add: I got to the "Big Gay Bake Sale (with Live Homosexual Acts)" just after it wrapped up.  There were still some leftover cookies in the GLBT group's office, so I gave J. a few dollars and took a couple of bags of cookies.  Mmm, chocolate chip.  My quote later that week was: "The only 'live act' I saw was J. folding T-shirts."

     Even though the m/m stories I've been reading and editing have romance or erotica plots, I think it is important to show the characters doing everyday things, too, and to have another plot or subplot going also, length of story permitting.  It's important to humanize the characters.  I just think of some of the readers possibly never having in-depth conversations with someone they know is gay, and how reading some of these stories might have an influence on them.

     Well, this post turned out to be quite a restrained one.  Back to my usual less-restrained commentary on my work in the next few posts.
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