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continuing Sunday

Well, it was very quiet when Dad left to do a little shopping at Wal-Mart.  A couple hours later, I was starting to wonder what had happened to him, but thought he might have gone to do other shopping.  He eventually got home and said he had locked his keys in the car, and walked home.  He didn't bother calling me, because I can't drive.  Mom is at work, an hour away.  It must have been a walk of a couple of miles.  Really, I can't figure out why he does the things he does.  I suppose walking home was the best option that occured in Dad-logic.  Now he wants to take my car there, leave it, and drive his car back.  I don't understand why he wants to do that, but I'm sure I don't want my car in the parking lot there all night, and probably all the next day.  Not that it's a particularly bad neighborhood, and not that I can drive my car, but I'd rather have it here.

Added in the afternoon: Dad is now watching football, so I'll head up to the kitchen soon for dinner, then into the living room to catch up on entire episodes of the soap operas.  Someone in last night's chat said that Ansgar was back.  Ansgar provides a lot of evil entertainment.  We'll see what he's up to now, but I'm hoping it will be sexing up Lydia sooner or later.  They have quite a lot of chemistry.

Added in the evening: Mom insisted on going to get my car, which I was glad about.  I have yet to start with the soap operas, but I wrote a note to Rantasmo, who does AfterElton's "Needs More Gay" feature, to say what a fangirl I am.  Giovanni's Room sent an e-mail announcement that S. Bear Bergman will be doing a reading of the book ze and Kate Bornstein wrote, at the William Way Center in Philadelphia.  I read Bergman's book Butch is a Noun a year or so ago, and really liked it.  I forwarded the Giovanni's Room message along to the mentor and the office minion of the GLBT group at [local university].  We'll see if there's interest.  I'm still sorry I missed Kate Bornstein's book reading at Giovanni's Room.  That must have been lively.  They've had all kinds of notable authors there.

Late evening: I decided to watch the Verbotene Liebe Chrolli wedding reception episode again, as you can see it in high quality on DasErste.  Such a great episode.  I was glad to have seen the subtitled clips, as I pretty much remembered what they'd said.  There were a lot of touching moments, but I love the end, where they ride off into the sunset.

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