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Sunday so far and rambling about flowers

I slept for about eight hours.  When I woke, I couldn't see the wheelchair anywhere, and the captain's chair was on the other side of the kitchen.  I headed to the bathroom to wash up, then left a message for Dad and got on the laptop.  Dad came home around 12:30 p.m., after stopping at a hardware store after church.  Of course he hadn't gotten my message.  He put the wheelchair by the steps into the kitchen, and I got up and had a muffin and cereal.  We got the muffins at the grocery store yesterday.  They're carrot marbled with cream cheese on top, and pretty moist.  I like them.  It's a semi-carrot cake flavor, and carrot cake is one of my favorite kinds of cake.

Mom called on my cell phone, which was in my walker bag (at the base of the steps), then called on the house phone.  I can't reach the house phone that's hung up on the wall of the kitchen, behind the table.  Dad got the call, and said Mom was very sorry she'd left me with no way of getting into the kitchen.  Dad said I could have sat down on the step and pulled myself up, but I said that I'd have had no way to get up again.  So, yes, I could have gotten onto the kitchen floor, but it wouldn't have worked for getting food. 

Dad helped with brunch by getting the cereal down off the top of the refrigerator, and reaching a few other things for me.  I can set the brakes of the wheelchair, stand up, grab something off a high shelf or high place, then end up sitting down rather hard.  I don't like doing it with glasses or ceramic plates or bowls.  So I had a very good brunch after all, once I did get into the kitchen.

I tried the Sunset Oolong tea today.  I'd apparently put it in upside-down, as I could see lily petals opening at the bottom of the tea flower.  The amaranth flower completely came apart, so there were bits of amaranth floating on top.  It was still pretty colorful, and had a good flavor.  I like oolong tea.  Bigelow has a "Chinese Fortune" oolong tea that's very good.  The taste gives you the feeling of being in a Chinese restaurant.  I saved the tea flower to steep again.  The lily flower even had stamens.  Well, lilies are quite edible.  People eat tiger lily bulbs.

Deer eat the buds, flowers and stalks of tiger lilies, which I'm bitter about.  I have a couple of good clumps of tiger lilies in the front yard, and haven't seen them bloom in the past two years, since they've been eaten right before they bloomed.  I'll have to put chicken wire around and on top of the lilies.  I grow some herbs for their edibility and flavoring, but mostly I grow garden plants for their flowers, fragrances, or the beauty of their leaves, like with the ferns.

I'm still pleased that the patchouli grew so well.  I'll have to see if I can sit outside the back door again soon, and enjoy my fragrant herbs.  I need to look and see if the basil is still around.  That's still in small pots, as it never got transplanted.  I'll see how much is left of it.  I got pretty good at making my own bruchetta.  It just takes basil, minced garlic cloves, tomatoes, and a bit of salt.  One time when I planted two seed packets of basil and they all came up, I was making pesto for weeks.  I like pesto on spaghetti.  It's a nice change from tomato sauce.

One plant that I don't dig up to use is the orris, or Florentine iris.  The dried rhizomes are supposed to smell like violets, and are used as a fixative in potpourri, but I like the flowers so much, I wouldn't dig up the roots.  The flowers are this lovely lavender-gray, and so delicate-looking compared to modern German iris.  I love the dark purple German iris I have, but I'm glad I found orris at the herb sale.

The mistflower (Eupatorium coelestinum -- I think) is blooming now.  It's also called wild ageratum because the flowers look much like ageratum flowers.  It's taller, though, and just blooms in the fall.  It's a flower native to North America, so it's scattered itself around the yard and does very well here.  I like how low-maintence (well, no maintenance) the wildflowers are.  At one time, I had both the white and the blue.  I definitely still have the blue.  I'm sure there are some white-flowered plants of it somewhere.  There was some under the apple trees, and between the quince tree and the winter honeysuckle.

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