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Saturday night

I was ready at 8:00 p.m. Saturday for the Chrolli "book club."  A few of us chatted for a while as others joined us.  I made a trip away from the keyboard -- all that green tea doing its thing -- and when I got back, the video stream had started.  I'd just about memorized the clip with Olli carrying Christian over the threshhold, anyway.  Such a cute scene.  We saw all the subtitled scenes from the week, and I suggested we watch the Ichglotzgerman clip that hadn't been subtitled yet.  We filled in with our own interpretations of what the characters were saying.

A. played a clip from something-American-Teenager while he was downloading Friday's unsubtitled VL clip.  I wasn't especially following who the characters were, as I'd never watched it, but apparently there are a couple of gay teenagers in it.  It's good to see young people represented, and there are a lot of areas to explore there.

This past week was the week of Helena ordering hundreds of muffins, and I got hungry watching.  I went off into the kitchen for a muffin, did a few other things, and when I came back, another show was playing.  This one was called Century City, apparently.  Nothing I'd heard of, but the episode had a gay-related storyline.  (*spoilers*) It was a premise of picking out designer babies, and what babies would be rejected.  It was a court case about a doctor(?) or genetic profile person(?) not telling a couple that their baby would likely grow up to be gay.  I couldn't make this up, but the writers of the show seemed to have pretty good imaginations.  The trial brought a teenaged gay kid and his parents as witnesses.  The father said his child wasn't what he expected, but that he had grown as a person having a child, and that he loved his son very much.  It was kind of sweet.

A. seems to have clips from many different shows downloaded.  I'm curious to see what all we'll see from his collection.  Somebody last week was joking about watching gay pron.  Someone else protested that it had no plot.  Well, no.  I think the viewers have all seen gay pron, me from when I lived with T.B. and T.J. in college, and T.J. would watch it.  I was amazed at the athleticism of some of the moves.  "I didn't know you could do it sideways!" I said.  The guys shook their heads at my wonderment.

The other videos A. ran yesterday night were deepdarkmidnight's wedding kisses clips and 2glassgirl2's special wedding edition of Chrolli news.  I didn't know she'd come out of retirement to do a wedding video.  It was great, and made me realize how much I missed her "This Week in Chrolli News" videos.  She got a more challenging real life job, and doesn't have the time to do regular videos, but hers were classics of humor and observation.

We chatted for several hours after we finished watching videos.  It may turn into a real book club on nights when there hasn't been much of Chrolli during the week.  A. asked if there was any science fiction gay romance.  I recommended The Syndicate, which is up for free on Jules Jones' website (  A. was interested that the premise was "computer geeks in space."  I have the impression that he and KC are both computer geeks.

I regretted that I hadn't remembered to put the flat pillow in the wheelchair.  I was probably moving just enough to avoid the preliminaries of any pressure sores, but I'll have to remember some cushioning next time.  Around 2:00 a.m., my bad leg was falling asleep, so I left the computer to unwrap it and put it up on the recliner.  I picked up for a little bit again with the chat using the laptop, then had to get some sleep.  I'll have to make sure I'm more comfortably settled next time, and get my bad leg propped up better and at a good angle.  I had the feeling that A. had gone off to go to sleep hours previously.  It was a good time.

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