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Friday real life

It was a busy day in real life.  First, we were off to the orthopedist's to get the plaster cast off, which was a loud procedure, with a rotating little plaster saw.  They took X-rays, and the doctor seemed pleased enough with how my ankle was healing.  I graduated to a removable cast, a boot.  It's probably as heavy as the plaster cast, and much more bulky, but I can take it off to bathe and sleep.  I start two months of physical therapy next week, and see the doctor again in five weeks.  I didn't expect to be putting my full weight on the leg right away, but it's a very slow process.

We went to the bank.  Then I convinced Mom to make a quick stop at the small Indian grocery that's relatively near home, and picked up some mango lassis.  I was tired after hopping across the pedestrian crosswalk to the strip mall, then down the sidewalk a bit to the store.  I had Mom pick me up outside the grocery, as I didn't think my leg would hold me for another walk across that part of the parking lot.

I called to get my first physical therapy appointment, then arranged for transportation.  Fortunately, it's an area that the rural paratransit goes to, because still nothing doing with SEPTA.  We got home and had lunch, then I filled out more paperwork, and we went to semi-local town to drop that off.  I was really tired after that, and just wanted to rest.  Mom went out again grocery shopping.

S.M. from garden club called to say that she needed a group reservation form for a garden we're going to visit.  She didn't want to bother the neighbor down the street to try to get her printer/copier working, but needed a copy of the form.  I told her I'd print one out if she wanted to come pick it up.  She said she was coming to a local strip mall anyway.  I was in the bathroom when she stopped by, but Mom was home by then, and gave her the page I'd printed out.  She didn't even wait to say hi to me, but took off on her shopping.

I had walked more with the new boot than I'd walked on the walker ever before, I think.  Until physical therapy evaluates me, I'm not putting weight on the leg.  I'm either keeping it up as I did the plaster cast, or practicing putting the boot down at the same time I put all my weight on my arms, to get used to the motion I'll be making with the boot for quite some time yet.

I went up to take a shower after dinner.  I had to stop and rest at practically every step, because I was so tired.  My right leg was very shaky and pretty painful when I took it out of the boot and got it into the tub.  I think the incision had rubbed, for one thing.  I was trying to balance on the shower stool without putting any weight on that leg.  It felt good to finally be able to wash it, though.  I ended up slinging it over the edge of the tub for balance to wash my left leg.  I was very afraid getting up out of the tub, but managed to do it without touching that foot down.  My impression is that if I put my full weight on it, especially if I put my full weight on it at a bad angle, it will break again.

I worked on a couple of editing jobs that evening, then took some painkillers and called it a night.  I don't seem to have much problem with sleeping with my leg propped up and the boot off.  I dozed, and woke a couple of hours later, starting to get hives.  My guess is that I've become allergic to the painkillers, which is bad news.  It's possible that I was having an allergic reaction to the mango in the lassi, but I'd drunk that several hours previously.  I'd think that would have caused a reaction more quickly than six hours' time.  I took a couple of Benedryl, and eventually dozed off again.
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