neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

soap opera this week

Today's Verbotene Liebe clip was on Ichglotzgerman.  Nanna apologized for taking a couple of days to get the last two subtitled clips up on Ichglotzutube, because she'd had the flu.  She does so much for us English-speaking viewers, and then apologizes for being sick.  Many of the people who comment on her channels thank her for the clips, but she deserves more recognition for her general awesomeness.  The day of the wedding episode, she'd just gotten back from vacation, and did subtitles for eight hours straight.  That's totally a full-time job, and a taxing one.  I'm far from alone in my deep appreciation for all she does.  Wednesday's clip was much funnier when I understood what the guys were saying.  I'd gotten the basic idea, but the flatmates had gotten some great lines.

Tags: soap opera

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