neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Sunday into Monday

Well, at least I got that editing job done.  I'm still trying to distract myself by writing.  The cast gave me an infection on my foot.  It's not like I'm putting any weight on it anyway, but it itches.  I burned my hand taking a two-cup measuring cup of boiling water of the microwave yesterday.  I ran my hand under cold water, and put ice on it, then a layer of Neosporin, as I couldn't get upstairs to get burn cream.  It went from the entire ball of my thumb being pink to only having a couple of blisters, so I suppose the immediate application of cold did some good.  I have a blister at the base of my thumb, and a rather long one on the side of the ball of my thumb.  I spent some time today popping them and putting Neosporin on.  They refilled with lymph several times, so I popped each a few times.  They still look kind of nasty, but I'll keep putting antibiotic cream on.

I'm scheduled to get the plaster cast off on Friday, and I'm really looking forward to it, especially since I'll be able to apply the ointment to heal up the infection to all the places the infection is.  I was rather apprehensive about trying to boil water again, but told myself to get back on that horse.  Today I managed much better.  I took it slowly, and made sure to get a good grip on the handle without touching any other part of the cup.  It was all pain-free this time.

So I really want things to distract me from the physical.  The physical is still just no fun.  I have more of a sense of the broken ankle being temporary, but I'm very eager for a change of cast.
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