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I have some editing I really want to finish up tonight.  Today I slept in, even for me.  Anthony Langford posted this week's edition of Gays of Our Lives late last night.  Michael Jenson had done an e-mail interview with Jo and Thore about the wedding episodes and how they felt about them.  That was the first three pages of the column:

I had brunch, and took my sponge bath.  I think I'll ask Mom about her helping me wash my hair tonight.  I don't really want to go upstairs to take a shower since I already washed up thoroughly, and my skin is very dry.  I'm trying to remember to put on lotion.

Verbotene Liebe had the guys continuing to enjoy the day after their wedding.  Andi and Constantin had a muffin-eating contest, which Andi won.  Helena went to take a shower, but Constantin was in there.  She went to eat the last yogurt, and got a hard time about that.  Olli got up and spoke to Helena as she went to put the yogurt back, then Olli and Christian beat Helena into the bathroom.  Andi and Constantin played video games while Helena asked how long Olli and Christian usually took in the bathroom.  I'm not sure what their replies were.  If Olli and Christian were sharing a bath or shower, it could take a long time.  Helena listened at the bathroom door for a moment.  She didn't show much reaction.  I still want to know why we never see a bath or shower scene with them.

Helena finally gave up, and went across the hall to Arno and Charlie's flat.  Charlie let Helena take a shower there.  Helena's flatmates became remorseful about the way they'd treated her, and fixed her lunch, and offered her a choice of DVDs to watch.  Olli said, "I love Audrey Hepburn."  The guys all turned to look at him.

I'll put more about what actually happened when Nanna puts the subtitles up, but I think I got the gist.

Unfortunately, the Gays of Daytime board section about Roman and Deniz got taken over by wank.  (Added: The general discussion thread is now closed altogether for while.  Really a shame.)  Someone had posted subtitled clips of DeRo scenes, which were taken down before I got a chance to see them.  From what I understand, Lilith (?) or one of the other EKP ladies had posted on the comments of those clips that they were hurt that someone else had tried to take over for EKP without contacting them.  Apparently a number of the TGoDT fans thought that Lilith had caused the clip to be taken down, and apparently they were wrong.  So much for their vacation being pleasant.  All very un-sparkly.  One of the commenters said that no-one would even know about DeRo if it wasn't for the work of EKP.  She was contradicted by someone who had been an AWZ fan well before EKP started.

My idea of etiquette is not great, but if I was able to do subtitled clips of a show, I wouldn't have thought that I needed to contact others who do the same.  I appreciate the hard work anyone does doing subtitles, but I don't think a TV show is the exclusive domain of anyone but the owners of the company that makes it.  Some of my author friends have come from a background of writing slash fiction, but have very strong and justifiable reactions to piracy of their work.  It's a different kind of thing if you're losing money to pirates.  A few of the slash fiction stories I've read from different fandoms do a good job of capturing the spirit of the characters, and adding to the enjoyment of fans, and some of the fan videos are really very good.

Even if I can't understand much, I'm glad RTL and DasErste put a week's worth of episodes up on their websites.  The EKP ladies were the ones who constantly encourage their viewers to check out the show on RTL, and I'm glad I got into doing that, finally.  Sometime when I have a person around who can do regular translation, and who wouldn't mind seeing a show as raunchy as AWZ, I may even buy a month's access to the archives.  Once you put the product out there, you have little control of who chooses to watch and how they take it, and limited control of how they appropriate it, especially with how big the Internet is.

So, no, I don't think that any one group of fans, as tight-knit as they may be among themselves, has control over what gets out on the Internet.  Neither do they have control over the opinions and reactions and interpretations of the people who watch the whole show or the clips.  The group may disagree, or believe they have more sophisticated opinions than the general run of fans, but fans will have the whole spectrum of reactions regardless.

Turning to much more sparkliness on the show itself, Deniz and Roman are deeply involved in a couple of storylines.  Deniz and Florian were part of the goodbye party for Oliver and Celine, who are heading to Australia.  I doubt the actors are really leaving the show, though I wouldn't be able to read the German to know if they were anyway.  Norman Kalle might take a break to do theater.  As I've said several times, he's really underused on AWZ, and is a fine actor.

Roman got involved in Annette's quiz show plan.  Annette reacted to Petra's proposal that Roman play her husband on the quiz show by saying that Roman was well-known, and gay.  Petra came back with the idea that Roman could have a twin brother, Robert, who was heterosexual.  Ingo was rolling on the floor laughing at the idea of Roman playing straight.  Roman was good with the idea.  Deniz was dubious.  Roman practiced, trying to remember that his name was Robert.

Roman was closeted to the general public until he first kissed Deniz.  Annette saw him kissing a man (I think that was relatively early on), and became his "alibi-freundin" -- beard -- for a while.  Roman was panicked that Annette had seen that kiss with Andrew, and offered to pay her not to out him.  The interactions there were very funny, as Annette stripped off her bra in front of him once she knew.  She refused the bribe, too, I'm pretty sure.

I don't think Roman had tried to act much different from his usual self back then.  This time he did, and it was hysterical to see him playing a macho straight guy.  It wasn't that he was that bad at it, either, just that it was so different from his usual mannerisms.  In some ways, he knows Annette better than Ingo does, so he could answer several of the questions.  Annette knows him very well, too, but she knows what he's really like, and seemed to have a bit of trouble trying to interact naturally with the Robert persona.  Of course, Roman was a performer for much of his life, and is a pretty good observer of people.  It made a sort of strange kind of sense that he could put on butch mannerisms in a calculated gender performance.  Most GLBT people in the Western world feel the need to put on a straight act at least some of the time, for at least some of their lives.  Roman didn't take offense to the idea of playing a straight character, though he was really happy after he'd outed himself and didn't have to pretend to be straight anymore.  I hope to see a transcript at some point, but I'm glad I got into watching the original show.

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