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Well, I finally finished Mahu Vice.  (*spoilers*)  Once again, Kimo has slept with half the suspects in a murder case, from tricks to fuck buddies.  His new homicide detective partner, who is a tolerant and open-minded type, points out that some of Kimo's escapades should have raised red flags for him.  Kimo has never been shown as having much insight into why he behaves like he does, but has to figure it out slowly and the hard way.  He's still got some of that "kid in a candy shop" attitude about finding out what exactly he likes sexually, though he's certainly finding men much more to his liking than he ever found women.  If the mysteries have that much sex in them, I find it safe to assume the book Mahu Men, the one with erotica stories, will totally go there.

Mom is watching baseball, so I headed into the living room to watch those old Verbotene Liebe episodes I like so much.  I'm still wondering if VL is going to show a wedding night for Olli and Christian.  I would hope so, instead of letting the viewers assume it happened.  It's not like they're going to go the places AWZ goes.  I wanted to see if I remembered correctly how far VL itself had gone back in the day, so I went back to TorridGermanLove, the episode where Tom and Ulli finally make torrid German love:  This was New Year's Eve of 2000.  I'd say they pretty much went there, for several minutes and then afterglow.

Apparently there was some backlash, and I read somewhere that it was hard on the actors -- I'm not sure if it was VL fan reaction or the kinds of scenes the actors were required to do, or both.  I think Tom was meant to be gay all along.  Ulli was in a relationship with a woman.  There were a couple of lesbians on the show at the time, and this was a few years before Carla came to town, if I have the chronology right.

Jo said that when he was told that Olli would get into a relationship with a man, he had to sleep on it, but decided he'd play it.  I think Olli had been established as dating women, so the character became conveniently bisexual, to Tom's skepticism, and some lampshading by the show:  It's some great dialogue, as rendered in Irenek's transcript:

Olli kisses Tom at a New Year's Eve party -- 2001.  Tom seems to respond for a moment, then reacts angrily, thinking that Olli is joking with him, or making fun, or drunk.  Olli catches up to Tom later to try to explain that he wasn't kidding.

We have the wide-eyed, innocent (but far from virginal), twinky Olli in his full glory throughout the episode.

Olli: But...what was the problem, then?
Tom: I don't like to be played for a sucker.  (Made an ass of?  The expression that includes the word "arsch" is the one Tom uses.)  I thought we were friends.
Olli: But we are.
Tom: Right.  And you think it's perfectly normal know what, Oliver...never mind.
Olli: Tom!  I kissed you because I really like you.
Tom: Of course, and next thing you tell me is you're gay.
Olli: Yeah, I'm usually with women but sometimes also with men.  Man, Tom, I like women and men.

Tom can't believe it.

Tom: How long have you known me now?
Olli: For a while.  Why?
Tom: And all the time you never thought it was necessary to tell me you like guys?
Olli: I didn't think it was important.
Tom: Right.  Not important.
Olli: Gee, Tom, you don't run around with a sign that says "Beware Gay!" on your chest either, do you?"  ("Achtung! Schwul!"  lol)

In the next couple of episodes, Charlie realizes that Olli is her nephew, her estranged sister's boy.  She asks if Olli is dating anyone, or interested.  (I couldn't find these episodes with transcripts or subtitled, so I'm guessing.  But they're on vlfaghags.)  Olli says, "Tom."  No hesitation about outing himself to his newfound aunt.  He kissed Tom in a packed bar.  It might have even been No Limits, the old incarnation, long before Gregor came to town.

Charlie gets into playing matchmaker.  Like AWZ, VL has a tradition of having characters humiliate themselves singing kareoke, and Olli sings -- terribly, and in heavily-accented English -- to someone who means a lot to him, then at the end says it's Tom.  Tom leaves the bar.

A few episodes later, Tom has something of a change of heart, and invites Olli snowboarding. (  Olli is incredulous, but as usual up for an adventure.  There are some longing looks when they come into the lodge to warm up, and Tom finally puts his hand over Olli's and says that the lodge has some cozy rooms upstairs.  They shower, presumably separately, and Olli, once again at his wide-eyed best, comes out of the bathroom wearing just a towel.  He's adorable, such a cute young thing.  Tom has lit a bunch of candles.

Olli: How romantic.  All that's missing now is red wine.

Tom produces a bottle of red wine, but has forgotten a corkscrew.  Olli points out that he's forgotten glasses, too.

Olli: So now what?
Tom: Are you sure?

The camera pans to outside the window of the room, but indications are that Olli is sure.  The camera pans back in for the afterglow.  Olli and Tom are lying on their sides, facing each other, bare-chested, blankets covering their lower halves.

Tom: I was pretty afraid.
Olli: Of what?
Tom: That you're not really into men and just playing a game with me.
Olli: I cleared that up, right?
Tom: I don't know.
Olli: What's that supposed to mean?
Tom: Well, I guess you'll have to convince me again.  Just to make sure.
Olli: Ah, well -- I'll be happy to do that.

They kiss, and the camera pans out again.  Olli is on top of Tom when the scene fades to black.  Someone arguing that Olli is a bottom translated, apparently wrongly, Tom's line about Olli convincing him again as Tom telling Olli to roll over.  However, once told what the line actually was, his or her opinion still didn't change.  Tom and Olli return to Dusseldorf, and kiss in Schneider's at the end of the episode.  Charlie approves.  Then again, Ulli was the manager (assistant?) at Schneider's when he got involved with Tom, and Ulli eventually came out to the general public of the show.

Jo said -- in that We Love Soaps interview? -- that he was told that Olli and Tom shouldn't kiss too much.  At least in the first twenty episodes of them getting together, there's no noticeable run of episodes in which they don't kiss or cuddle, except when they're fighting, and in one episode, Tom gives Olli a good kiss when Olli's behind the bar at No Limits.  Neither of them seem to have any problem with public displays of affection.  Considering that Olli started it all by kissing Tom at a party in a bar (I really think it was No Limits), it's not like there was any hesitation whatsoever on his part.  The characters on VL were well aware by then that Tom was gay, and had been in a serious romantic relationship with Ulli.

VL's "not too much kissing" in 2001 was way, way more same-sex kissing than on American soaps for years to come.  Once Tom at least somewhat believed that Olli really wanted him, it didn't take very long before they got together.  Olli was twenty-two, Tom presumably supposed to be in his mid-twenties.  Tom was whatever the standard age for a medical student/resident would be.

There was apparently no "not too much kissing" restriction by 2008.  VL still went there more for Christian with Coco and with Nico, but once Christian and Olli got together, there was no lack of kissing and cuddling.  Christian was supposed to be twenty-four (twenty-three?) in 2008.  He was not at all twinky -- too big a guy, too mature-looking, and too serious for that.  He was going along with what society expected of him -- working full-time, taking care of and protecting Nico, then Coco.  Gregor loved him a lot, but Gregor didn't seem to be especially nurturing to his brother.  Christian was starved for someone to take care of him and nurture him.  With Olli, it worked out to be mutual taking care of each other -- just another reason they complement each other so well.

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