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Sunday so far

Had Midnight Peony tea with lunch.  It's a black tea, and I'm wide awake now.  I caught up on blogs, and e-mailed Kris the photo A. sent of Jo Weil in Ganze Kerle, a theater production he was in.  I'm sure there are a lot more pictures of him in that show.  I'd seen one of him in a white dress and cape.  I suppose the cape helped disguise what broad shoulders he has.  I'd like to know what the plot of the comedy is, but from the pictures, several men end up wearing drag.  I'm not much for drag, though D.S. and J.S. dressed in little trashy Goth outfits for last year's university drag show were very hot.  D.S. was having a hard time walking in boots with straps and a ridiculously high thin heel.  J. said he was going to snap off a heel, and showed him how he should be walking in shoes with heels.  Trust J. to know, with hir genderqueer self.

I still have much proofreading and editing to do, which will keep me busy well into next week.  It's not like I'm going anywhere, except to a couple of doctor's appointments and to go meet with someone about disability paperwork.  We'll see if the transportation issues are worked out.  I certainly hope so.  I finally got the handicapped placard for the car, six weeks into having the broken ankle.  That's Harrisburg bureaucracy for you.  One of the visiting health people said we should have sent it to the state senator or representative, and he would have expedited it for us, but we'd just mailed it in at that point.  Well, it's good into November.  Hopefully, I'll be driving well enough by then, but I might still need a handicapped parking place, depending on how well I'm walking by that point.

I still can't believe the primary care doctor threatened that I wouldn't walk again if my blood sugars weren't really good.  I don't think that has much to do with bone growth, and the surgeon was pleased by how the incision he'd made had healed.  It's going to be at least a four-inch scar, from the brief glance at it I got before it was wrapped up in the plaster cast.  I don't really care, as long as I can walk and drive again.

S. and I were talking about going to the Stonewall Inn for his birthday in November, and we might need another driver.  I would think S. has his driver's license, though he doesn't have his own car.  I don't know how I'll be for driving on a trip that far up the New Jersey Turnpike, from the Philadelphia area.  I'd love to go to the Stonewall Inn again, though.  It wouldn't be packed with so many straight women this time, but I'm used to being in gay bars with the usual run of bar patrons.  It was odd how even that particular group of straight women made me a little nervous, though I knew they were very gay-friendly.  I just wasn't sure how they'd be about queer women.  I'm used to a big difference in acceptance.  I imagine it was a kick, and kind of the usual relief, for the male attendees to be in such a gay-friendly crowd.

I'm looking forward to getting back to seeing the students in the GLBT group at [local university].  I missed them this summer.  Some of them say such funny things, like M. with his goofy jokes and S. with his deadpan sarcasm.  Only M. could get away with some of the in-group humor he uses.  I forget who said that they were the bitchiest organization office on campus -- D.S.? -- but the reaction was universally just wondering why he was at all surprised.  One sentence D.S. said explained so much about him and what makes him tick.  He said, "If you think I'm a cold-hearted bitch, you should see my mother."  Yes, it will really be great to see the kids again.

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