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catching up - AWZ Thursday

There was a lot going on with DeRo in Thursday's episode.  Deniz and Roman spent twenty-four hours in bed having make-up sex, which explains why they were nowhere to be seen on Wednesday.  Florian finally dared to knock and come in, with the keys to the new Wild flat.  Deniz didn't tell the Wilds to stay.  They packed.  Annette and Vanessa saw the moving van, and split up, Vanessa to talk to Deniz and Annette to talk to Roman.  Just when Florian and Roman came to get the final thing, the couch, Deniz brought in roses behind his back, then gave them to Roman one at a time.  One rose was called "Stay here," another "chicken" because Deniz had been too chicken to ask Roman to stay, and the third called "I love you."

Florian watched, incredulous and biting on a couch pillow.  As Deniz and Roman went to kiss, he threw the pillow down and yelled that they could have done that before the Wilds had moved out.  Deniz and Roman simultanously told him to shut up, then did a little noserub and kissed.  The Eskimo kisses are back.

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