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Thursday real life

N.F. picked me up to take me to garden club.  She picked M.P. up as well.  She parked very close to the curb at the hall where we meet, so it was tough to get up there, but I made it.  The ladies came over to say hi, and I explained several times about stepping in a hole in a lawn and falling sideways.  D.M. sat next to me.  She's very friendly, and interested in hearing about my roses.  She became a member last year.  The meeting went pretty quickly.  I sat with D.M., P.A., and B. for lunch.  E.M. got me orange and spice tea.  I recognized the packaging on the tea bag, so I could pick it out from a distance.  I'd brought a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, an egg, and a few grapes, so I was actually trying for nutrition.

There are always nuts and Ghiradelli chocolate squares in glass serving boats on the table.  I had some nuts and a chocolate square.  D.M. had thought she was to be the hostess, and had brought strawberries and blueberries.  They were really good.  I made a trip to the rest room -- G.C. stood outside and waited to see if I needed help, but it was handicapped-accessible, and I managed.  I went back to the seat I'd sat in for the meeting, then saw that J.C., who was actually the hostess for that month, was bringing cake around.  It was mint chocolate chip ice cream cake, with a layer of Oreo crumbs and nuts.  I figured it would only be polite to eat it, since J.C. had put a piece at my place.  Also, my willpower is not that great.  I figured I'd eat better on Friday and Saturday.

There was a master gardener for the program, which was on flower arrangement.  She used chrysanthemums for a couple of arrangements, with German statice for a filler flower.  I had thought that flower was called statice, but you never see it labeled in the store.  She's also a master rosarian, and had brought a few roses around.  She passed around 'Double Delight', which I'm very familar with and have tried to grow a couple of times, and 'Sheila's Perfume'.  I'd heard of 'Sheila's Perfume', of course, but never had the chance to smell it.  It has a very nice, strong fragrance, as advertised.

There was a raffle for the arrangements, and the presenter didn't want to have to take any of the flowers and greens home, so there was really a lot raffled.  D.S. chose the roses to take home when her ticket was drawn.  I took home some statice and a couple of aucuba branches.  Apparently, I'm one of the few people in garden club who isn't already growing aucuba.  It looks like I still won't be, because I put it in the sink, to save for getting cuttings from, and Mom put it out on the front porch.  Dad put the bottle of rooting hormone on the tray table by my recliner, but I said it wasn't like I was going to do cuttings sitting in the recliner.  I'm not even sure where the container of statice ended up.

I finished up an editing job that night, and eventually went to bed.  As I noted in a post below, I watched the Chrolli marathon all day Friday.  The cleaning lady was there and wanting to talk to me while the wedding was on, and I didn't think she'd be thrilled to see the content of the show, but she never actually looked at the computer screen.  It wasn't like she needed any directions, just that she wanted to talk about her fibromyalgia.  I told her that it was an exciting episode, and we talked after the wedding.
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