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Chrolli marathon and wedding

Friday: Woke at 10:00 a.m.  Went to watch marathon.  Except for wheeling into the kitchen once in a while for food, and going to take a quick sponge bath, I stayed watching it up through midnight.  So much fun to cheer on Christian and Olli with other people.  The wedding rocked.  I loved the vows they'd made up and said to each other.  I can't believe I stayed mostly in the wheelchair for that many hours.  Not that I haven't been sitting up in the recliner, but it's a long time to be in a wheelchair.  I'll probably log in on the laptop on Monday, so I can prop my foot up on the hassock.  I get the plaster cast off next Friday.

Saturday: I watched the wedding on Ichglotzutube.  I'm sure I'll watch it many more times.  The first scenes of the episode were of the evening before the wedding.  Gregor called to say Luise was in labor, so they'd miss the wedding.  I wished that they somehow could have gotten Gregor for that.  It would have been wonderful.  Everyone in the flatshare -- and it's a full house -- had pizza.  Olli was feeding Christian ice cream when the younger of the von Lahnstein women showed up to take "the bride" off to Konigsbrunn.  Apparently they had no problem deciding Olli was the bride.  I found their concepts rather insulting.  Neither Christian nor Olli are "the woman" in the relationship.  Olli is the more emotionally expressive of the two, or at least he started out being more emotionally expressive, but he's very much a man.  I think it was the way Olli was forced into a heteronormative "female" role that bothered me.

Olli took his kidnapping gracefully, drinking champagne(?) with the women and only wishing Christian was there.  Christian, meanwhile, was drinking beer with Andi and Constantin, who were saying he was losing his freedom.  Christian didn't see it that way.  He said he was marrying the man of his life.

The next morning, Christian thought he'd overslept.  Christian, Andi, and Constantin were running around in their boxers, trying to get Christian's stuff and get him ready.  I appreciated the view.  Some of the wedding preparations and the start of the wedding itself was played for comedy, but the wedding settled down into more seriousness, and sweetness.  I didn't mind parts of Christian and Olli trying to get ready for the wedding as humor when Andi and Rebecca also were comic relief.  Christian as the nervous groom waiting for the other groom was cute.

Henriette came, and Olli was saying that he loved Christian, and there was no way she'd stop the wedding.  Henriette said she just wanted Olli to be happy, and it was easy to see that Christian made him happy.  She even said she didn't care what the neighbors thought.

Christian and Olli's vows to each other were beautiful.  Both were very eager to say yes.  They are the sweetest couple.  Their sincerity and love just shone through.  I was very happy to see them get married.   
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