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I've been saying how excited I am about the upcoming Chrolli wedding and marathon.  I don't think I ever did post the web address for the marathon here:  It starts 8:00 a.m. EST (United States Eastern Standard Time) tomorrow morning.  I signed up as Neyronrose -- that should be easy to remember.

Christian and Olli were at Schneider's, choosing the catered food for the wedding, with Arno's help.  Christian was saying that they'd gotten an open-minded priest who didn't have a problem with them being gay.  He said that he was a believer, even though he didn't go to church on Sundays, then changed the subject back to the food.  Despite everything Christian's been through, it makes sense for him to have faith.  Olli got a call from their priest to say that the presbyters at the church had turned them down for the wedding.  Charlie and Arno were indignant.  Christian was really feeling bad, but the guys still wanted to marry each other no matter what.

Olli and Christian kissed outside of No Limits, then were shocked when something thrown in their direction crashed right near them.  I thought it was some kind of attack, but it turned out to be their friends breaking plates in a German pre-wedding custom.  Constantin caught it all on tape.  His videos are a VL extra.  There was cheering and clapping every time Christian and Olli kissed.  Olli said that hopefully their friends wouldn't do that from then on whenever they kissed.  The fans do it.  I'm sure their friends realize what great chemistry they have.

Christian and Olli swept up the fragments of the broken plates.  Apparently that's something the couple to be married are supposed to do together, without help.  Christian picked Olli up in his arms, broom and all, and swung him around in circles a couple of times.  Christian's picked Olli up a number of times before, but it showed once again how strong he is, to lift Olli without it seeming much effort. 

I was waiting to see the subtitles of yesterday's Verbotene Liebe episode before I posted about that.  I had gotten the idea.  VL had a policeman-stripper for Christian and Olli, just like AWZ did for Ben's bachelor party.  On AWZ, Ben and Tom had played along quite nicely with the stripper, Tom even yelling, "Strip!" at one point.  I love Tom.  Roman and Deniz were glancing longingly at each other more than they were looking at the stripper.  They were the two characters there who you would think would have appreciated a male stripper the most.  Ingo, Marian, and Florian had rather disgusted expressions.

The VL fans claimed that it was the same stripper who had been on AWZ.  The abs looked familiar, and his hair, I thought, though he was under colored lights at No Limits, and he even had the same name, Robin.  Christian and Olli appreciated him.  Olli immediately ended up wearing the policeman's hat, and looked very cute.  Olli was quite happy about being "frisked," too.  Christian gently poked Olli's belly with the nightstick as that was going on.  Robin had Christian pull his tie off.  Christian played along, but didn't seem quite as comfortable having a male stripper as Olli did.

Olli woke Christian to his feelings for men, and Christian hasn't had eyes for anyone else since he and Olli first made love.  All those public displays of affection are just the natural way they show their love for each other.  By the time Christian came out to the North Rhine and Westphalia boxing fan public, he was very ready to be openly gay, so he could be honest with everyone about how much he loved Olli.  Christian just seems to be very much the monogamous type.

It's a different situation altogether with Olli.  Olli was very aware of his own sexual preferences, and not shy about acting on them, even in 2001, when he was a couple of years younger than Christian was when he and Olli met.  Olli was generally sexualized, not just to any one person, from back in the day on.  I think that's pretty common for men.  Olli is naturally flirtatious, too.

There was a very different attitude at No Limits from the party crowd than the AWZ bachelor party members had.  On VL, the whole crowd accepted the homoeroticism in the performance for Christian and Olli, and the women just appreciated the male sexuality of it.  Even Andi seemed pretty relaxed about it.  He said he knew what his girls liked.  I think it was Olli (or Christian?) who said they all liked it.  It wouldn't have been Arno's kind of thing at all, but like everyone there, he was supportive of Christian and Olli.

Charlie told the guys that she and Arno talked to the church people, and that they could get married there after all, so there was general rejoicing for that.  Christian and Olli got their chance to dance together, and have their party with their friends -- Brandners, von Lahnsteins, and others they're close to.

Rebecca partied with Robin all night, but said she realized by the tenth time he said how cute Christian and Olli both were that there was nothing doing for her.  They are a very handsome couple.

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